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  1. Epic Fail - News Source: fudzilla FUDzilla
  2. DAO blood party The most dark and mature preview so far.
  3. I would gladly pay even twice the price of Rad 5870 just to experience games the way they were meant to be played.
  4. Edge of Chaos theme - Act or anything from Stephane Picq
  5. As was already mentioned try both Master of Orion titles. From what I remember Space Empires 4 was almost as good. Oh and Fragile Allegiance too Since we have this topic - did anyone try the recentish Lost Empires: Immortals?
  6. Hmm it seems that the mmo rumor has been more or less confirmed. Link
  7. Regarding performance - seems that the game will be cpu bound (more here), preview code runs ~25-30 fps on 3Ghz Quad, 4G ram and gtx 285 (max details, 1080p). Lowering the resolution doesn't help much and underclocking cpu sinks the framerate. I'm curious how well will it perform on Nehalem and Deneb though.
  8. Spellcross (1997) - tactical turn-based strategy. Depicts conflict between humans (technology) and the "Other Side" (magic). Features also research, territory conquest, finance/army management...
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