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  1. So how long until Obsidian folds? I imagine ****ting out Pillars of Eternity expansions and slaving on random mmo projects will keep them going for a while but after that?
  2. Pretty much means they will do it again with game that doesn't have "a years old modding community". Yep
  3. I wonder if that new toolset enabled D&D game is going to use this. Imagine all the romance mods
  4. Bethesda paving the way for the future again I see.
  5. Those Beamdog hacks really want to make Baldur's gate 3, don't they? This is probably some effort to test waters, wish them the worst sales numbers imaginable.
  6. So you are going to support and pay 20$ for a slamdunk made by people who are not even the original developers? They no longer have that flimsy "Two of us worked at Bioware at one point guise!" excuse for IWD. Here they just ported the previous EE changes, some mods and content from previous BGs (which will probably wreck the game). But at least you will get that STORY MODE difficulty so you can enjoy the meat of this game eh?
  7. Looks good. Character animations looked really off the first time I saw the vid, but that was just my old notebook/toaster acting up, they look great on another comp.
  8. It looks the same as base game except everything is really blurry and bloomy. PC gamers show yet again how utterly moronic they are. All it takes is making the character shortsighted and hey, it's nextgen now! It was a conspiracy too!
  9. Reviewers are brainless morons, didn't notice that yet?
  10. Can't wait for the reaction of the master race when they find out that the difficulty is a myth. More so in Dark Souls than in Demon Souls. Not only that, they will get the latest patched version of Dark Souls, which has dumbed down mobs and bosses.
  11. Wow, excellent news. Right now I'm doing a second playthrough, I generally don't like TPS but the shooting in Binary Domain is soo good. Love the bosses and even the encounters with normal enemies are great. And shooting off robot heads, who then start attacking other robots never gets old. Then you have likeable teammates, upgradeable weapons/stats/trust, intriguing story with multiple endings (and two sewer/waste levels)
  12. They literally just fixed it. Not surprising, seeing as various places around the internet have been emailing them about it non-stop. You are right, they did correct it (looked at google cache).
  13. http://www.metacriti.../critic-reviews Gamestar - 88
  14. Was really disapointed by the ME3 demo so I bought Binary Domain instead. I'm no big fan of shooters but ripping apart robots one piece after another is awesome. And the bosses are suberb. I hope a sequel gets made, even if it's unlikely because of poor sales Also started FXIII, expected total crap but it's not that bad really. Enjoyable when played in small doses.
  15. Yes, the glorious PC gaming master race sure loves MMos and Facebook games.
  16. Euro retail version was 3xCD
  17. Some of the comments are amazing.
  18. They got hacked - http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/6/index/7653193
  19. They did hire some developers even from Obsidian. Tony Evans' Dragon Age II has a nice ring, doesn't it?
  20. That's it. I am upgrading my computer for this game. Is this enough? (for all bells and whissles @1920x1080) - Intel i5 2500 - 8GB DDR3 RAM - AMD Radeon 6950 1GB Yes.
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