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  1. A decent thread tackling bugs that need fixed in a more adult manner, I do approve! Half the things mentioned so far I think could do with a fix or improvement, some not really. Load last save bug - Does not reset enemies or objectives correctly. Mouse & Sound - Commonly known issue Texture load lag - I think an .ini edit fixes this, but an official edit would sort out those that do not visit forums. Lock picking - Sometimes one can get a fail by selecting the exact centre, aiming under works though. This needs refined, also the mouse movement is slow and I have to move my mouse up the pad four or five times. Hacking - Commonly known mouse and key issue. Why was drag and drop was not considered? If only they made it with PC in mind. Animation glitch - most obvious animation glitch is the enemy movement when turning or transitioning to another animation, like they skip a frame or two. Improve upon the slightly disproportionate boss difficulty, some bosses are easy, some are insane like the Russian guy that loves 80's music. Additional graphic options to turn on and off would be nice, though I am glad you guys included the option to turn off DOF and motion blur, I can not stand such effects. Some have had problems with loading speed of the e-mail, clearing house, stats, inventory and such. Mine loads alight, but even I think it could be a little faster. Improve and refine the skills, a few may be overpowered, I hear complaints about pistols kicking too much bottom. Mentioned above was scope for pistol, I think a scope is fine when the item is a scope, but when it is meant to be iron sights or a laser, then why do we have a huge scope attached? Surely two extra small models would not have taxed the team too badly? :D If you guys want to be nice additional content would be fantastic! Even if it is only a little bit. :D
  2. No I have not noticed a difference in minigame or speech time limit. It is a lot easier to die though, makes being sneaky even more important.
  3. Veteran is easier, it is more of a reward to the player than an additional challenge. You should get the game WorstUsernameEve... it is worth it, quite enjoyable. Just if you get it for PC, make sure you have the correct .ini edits.
  4. It is speculation, nothing more, no one can say for sure. At the end of the day does it matter if it was or wasn't? Not like coming our with those comments affects or changes anything. It was pointless, and the guy was wrong anyway, AP turned out to be a fairly decent game.
  5. Weapon packs, so long as they have Missions with them! Nothing more boring than a DLC with only weapons... After thinking for a moment that is not true, horse armour still beats that.
  6. Might be onto something Kotvhtchie, I am from Vienna and I love the game. :D I have not seen any bad reviews of it here either, but perhaps I am not looking hard enough.
  7. Yes we all get you love Mass Effect Alphaboy48, you do not have to keep mentioning it.
  8. Very nice, thank you for the link!
  9. Troll and Fanboy aside for the moment. Like or hate the game, their is no wrong. I hate Halo, does not make it a bad game, many people love it. AP's roleplay action mix hit the nail on the head for me, it plays well and has a great story. If you do not like it, or find it just acceptable, that is fine, but what does complaining achieve? Nothing.
  10. Hmm, hacking is flawed, not in how it works, that is innovative. The problem is controls, not optimized for PC users unfortunately.
  11. Before 2004-2005 they were easily one of the best review sites actually. Shame it is 2010 then. :D Only one reviewer I listen to and with a major pinch of salt at that, would be Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation. I personally think he hates games, but at least he is funny.
  12. Have you got to pick your specialization yet? If not you can re-edit your choices. If not, too bad. I went for pistols and hand to hand, much more fun than gunning my way through the game. :D
  13. Check the Support section for help, sounds to me like you are having the mouse control issue Orogun01. Personally the game runs flawlessly for me, only bug I get is the "Load last checkpoint" bug and that hardly affects my enjoyment at all.
  14. You registered just so you could say that you love Mass Effect and anyone that disagrees is a fanboy Alphaboy48? :D I think you are the fanboy. Mass Effect 1 & 2 are great games in their own right, but that is Sci-fi. It is completely different genre, those that like sci-fi will always like Mass Effect more, those that like fantasy will always go for things like Dragon Age, to compare Alpha Protocol to other genres is not exactly a good idea. it has a similar gameplay style, but many action games do these days. If forced to compare, I would not say it is better, but just as good as Mass Effect 1, with less bugs, but as pretty as Mass Effect 2.
  15. So now your controls an lag are fixed you like the game? :D The game is great, just takes a bit to get used to and the plot is a little complex so one has to pay attention to what is said and even better read the e-mails/Intel. As Klimy said, from after Saudi-Arabia is when it really got good for me, mind you I did like Saudi-Arabia, just more so after that.
  16. Nice pictures, I see you used the same armour I did. My next run I am going to try it all in plain clothes, if I can. :D
  17. I have my fingers crossed for good sales, I would like a few mission DLC's, and for the love of god not weapon packs, unless they are free. :D
  18. Glad you are enjoying it, great story, fantastic game.
  19. This was mentioned on a previous topic on the same subject. I say as I said then, "alleged and anonymous" could be anyone saying it, you, me my pet dog. If this constitutes as gaming journalism, then lets hope they do not step up and cover real world news, or if they do, I recommend working for The Sport or The Sun, at least then they do not have to back up their "journalism" with actual facts, which is what they are doing now.
  20. Thing is, that fan made VTMB patch really makes for an enjoyable game. I just wish the source code was released so major gameplay fixes could be implemented too. If only Trokia had more time to develop it, who knows, maybe we would have had a few more sequels by now.
  21. What bugs exactly Paraclete? AP is relatively bug free, please tell me these serious issues. As for Oblivion being perfect and bug free I can name over 1000 bugs, just look up the unofficial patch. Mass Effect had many bugs, most still not fixed, just check out the Mass Effect Wiki. Dragon Age has countless unresolved bugs, Awakenings makes the game unplayable for most fans. You compare AP to these highly rated yet seriously bugged games then I am sorry to say AP is relatively low on bugs. FYI reviewers are Reptilians, they are not human and have cold black hearts. Never listen to their lies, trust in game demos and your friends opinions first.
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