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  1. Im horrified that so few people were inspired by Icewind Dale... now I really started to question my faith in people
  2. Neh, game was ok. Dont think its demografics that is the problem (change in the video-game industry thingy). It had bugs, lets face it, due to this and some mystical force game recieved horrible reviews (I really dont know why) plus it was delayed many times (many people I know were planing to buy it but after delays they forgot that it existed) and lastly it had very wrong timing, becuase it came right after plenty of triple A titles. It just as if it was cursed by someoone :/ Do you know if they will at least release a patch?
  3. You will still be able to change the difficulty to hard when you start new game. Try re-playing a game as you mentioned, sometimes it helps (for other games at least) Veteran give you additional points in ALL skills, and you can remove un-needed skill points in the start, so you can max out (until first limit) your main skills before you start plus you get good equipment. As about the game itself, it feels for me like recruit when you get some additional answers in the beginning. But didn't feel harder to play. It's nice way to replay a game and skip the basic leveling or an easier way
  4. LOL my apologies ; i can understand that. Welcome to Obsidian forum...to answer your Original post : I read some support from devs or Obsidian team before the game be released but after that i missing them. Thank you ^_^
  5. Hehe, Troika went in history because it did a good game that didn't sell well (due to different reasons), so I see it not that bad to become another challenger of the world rules Last time I checked reviews had very strange way of "reviewing" a game and giving out awards. Sometimes they make me wonder if they even look outside the window to the real world. So I stopped checking them out and buy games depending on trailer and screenshots... good old style that always worked before.
  6. What's up with all the hate for Bioware and Mass Effect? I love Mass Effect (mainly first one) and have LOTS of their merchandise in order to support them. Does it make me a troll? No, Mass Effect had problems maybe a bit less than AP, but still. I would love to see that Bioware implement many ideas from AP (if they can do it legally that is). But let's not throw rocks at people who like other game, ok? I believe that there are only DeusEx, Vampires: The Bloodlines, Mass Effect and now Alpha Protocol that stand out as good western-RPG (Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale <3 and NWN are just epic
  7. Haha, I will probably piss off Alpha a lot , but... There are lots of talks about how Bioware games are perfect and bla bla bla, but they are full of bugs like hell. Sometimes their patches make more bugs than fix. I think it's normal these day to release a game with bugs, as long as you can enjoy the game. It sounds very wrong, but I get this feeling. Tetris was bug free though haha It's hard to expect anyone to make a huge game with lot's of content in it in short time without bugs, but probably this just because im not perfectionist, but I really think that bugs should not be c
  8. *sight* I'm horrible with waiting :D and there is nothing I can do.
  9. Relax Alpha No fanboism here involved. I tend to stay away from forums unless I really liked the game (in this case AP impressed me enough to register here) As about why I compared it to Bioware is very simple - this is the only forum before that I used. So AP forum is the second in my life Let's not go into any wars here That's the reason why Bioware Social site is going to hell with all complainers and fanboism. Lets try to be civil and nice at least here Now back to OP, actually to the moderator post: Does anyone know how long it takes to make a game?
  10. Hmm that sucks, I guess. Hope, they will find a bit of time to work on AP :/
  11. I think game becomes more fun after Saudi-Arabia. As you get more control and more things to do, and story gets more complexed. In my opinion Saudi-Arabia is a tutorial. But thats just my personal opinion.
  12. Well, Im working as Software Dev, but have no idea about moding or how video games work. Anyhow, if anyone will make a community moders team (or what ever you want to call it) let me know so I can help out with coding if needed.
  13. I don't know why but I also got a feeling that its like "Vampires: The Bloodlines". Don't know why, just a feeling. Now all we need, in order to make it more like "V:TB", is strong community to patch and expand the game
  14. Hello everyone! Q1: How this forum works? Is it like Bioware forum where we get lot's of responds from producers/devs or is it just a forum for gamers? Q2: Are there any plans for DLC? (maybe more missions or a new hub) Q3: When (if ever) will we see a patch?
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