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  1. I did finish the game with recruit, for some reason it didn't unlock it. maybe playing the final mission again will help. but I am also looking at more of a challenge for my second play through, played on normal the first time. does veteran mode makes the game a lot easier? perhaps I should just replay with hard and recruit
  2. I just finished the game, and thought I would play again in veteran mode, but for some reason it is still grayed out. I read in the support forum that the problem was fixed for someone when he replayd the end and watched the credits till the end or something(do you have to start a new game before quiting or something?) but anyway, my only save left is the in the safehouse some time before the last mission, since I already started a new game as recruit and it overwrote the autosaves. so, is it worth it that I replay the last mission just to try to unlock veteran mode? is it just some different lines of dialogue during the tutorial or does it makes a lasting difference the whole game? does it give you more skill points at the beginning? doesn't that make the game too easy?
  3. I have just played through AP, and enjoyed it, but generally the reviews are right, the PC version has on metacritic currently 75 score, which is presisely what I think it deserves and would have given myself. dated graphics, low production value and poor animation, the importance of those things varies very much from person to person, but it is only normal that a reviewer take those into account in the score, out of 10, AP lost at least 1 point due to this and it is only normal. then 1 more point lost due to the poor AI, bit clumsy controls, the poor optimization, like the huge lag that comes from time to time when entering new areas(I know about the .ini fix, but even if the reviewers knew, they still had to take this into account in the score) and such. now, there clearly were some haters as well, like one review for the xbox version that gave 20/100, and when you read it, it sounds like the game is completely brokem.
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