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  1. The problems mentioned does not seem to affect my version, it works well with no major slowdown. Sounds like some bad problems and would ruin gameplay, try the various .ini edits floating around the forum, it might help.
  2. Well, Obsidian did not make VTMB, if your complaints about the company are due to a few staff members coming from Trokia which created that game, then surely you should praise them also for being Black Isle and bringing us Fallout II and Baldur's Gate II. Far as I am concerned games from previous companies years ago should not be use as examples for the current different company. AP has little in common with VTMB, the gameplay is vastly different, the dialogue system is vastly different, the setting is vastly different. The only similarity is they both had many complaints, though VTMB did deserve it for not being complete. Though that was not 100% Trokia's fault, they did use the first early version of the Source engine and that was quite bug ridden, which obviously affected the production badly.
  3. What drugs are you on Jack_Bauer? If none, then perhaps you should contact your doctor. None of those games you mentioned are better than AP or worse for that matter, they are just different. Mind you, with one post under your belt and that is all you have to say, then I take your comment as seriously as the supposed Dev, for all I know, you are the same loon.
  4. I agree with Oblarg, the Moscow boss fight with the 80's music had me grinning ear to ear. Might be the best boss fight music I have heard in any game so far. :D The music was so diverse throughout the game and fitted perfectly with what was going on, very well done. Edit - What was the original music intended to be Agent Nelson?
  5. Telling us what the barcode translates into would be better.
  6. Bloodlines, Gothic 3, these games were insanely buggy upon release, surely AP is not that bad. :D I agree with Deng comparing it to such games is being ridiculous. That said, other companies releasing very bugged games does not justify doing it yourself. But AP is one of the more bug free releases that has come out these days.
  7. Look at the gamers ratings compared to the reviewers. I think it was Gamespot? That gave AP a 6.0, yet the readers gave it a 7.0. I think over time things will settle down and it will be seen for the gem it is.
  8. At the start what does the code on Mikey's patient clothes say? It must be an easter egg as I have seen those codes before in other games, but I do not know how to translate them.
  9. Anonymous poster said this and a gaming site takes it as fact? I would be embarrassed to use that as a story to be quite frank, how nieve are they? It could be anyone that said it, me, you my pet dog. Do not get me started on Dragon age, each patch has made the game more and more unplayable, Awakenings made it so no one can play because of erratic lag. This is a no story. If they find a real name and proper source, then perhaps it would have been news, as it is, it is just more unfounded whinging.
  10. Who listens to reviewers anyway? A low score just proves they did not really play the game. The animations are great, especially hand to hand makes you feel like Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt, quite satisfying. The only dodgy animation is enemy patrol movement, when it transitions from walking to another action, the reset is fine. Buggy? I have not had a single CTD, the game runs fluidly even on my crappy old system, some have experienced mouse issues and stuttering, but all can be fixed with .ini edits. (Go check the PC support area) The AI is not overly smart, but to be perfectly honest what game has great AI? For example Oblivion was famous for having dumb AI where enemies would run constantly at a boulder if you stood on it out of their reach. A lot of people compare AP with Mass Effect, quite rightly too, it is much in the same style, but AP has far far less bugs, Mass Effect still has the overheating bug. Hypocrisy? One can justify saying that. I would also add idiocy, after all reviewers often copy other reviewer trends. They should play the game and actually experience it. One thing is for sure, AP has a great story and dialogue, even reviews and those that complain compliment the game in this aspect. I also think not everyone gets the games playstyle being a mix of stealth action and RPG. In my opinion AP is the best Action RPG in quite a while.
  11. Though many people will vote various systems PC will win hands down. Why? Because this is an online poll and people need a PC to vote. :D So kinda pointless and biased because of that factor. Also PC here.
  12. I would not throw the word masterpiece around so easily. AP is a fantastic game to be sure, but I would say it is short of being a masterpiece. With nonlinear levels, character face/body/sex customisation, improved AI and more environment interaction then yes I would class it as a masterpiece. I have high hopes for AP 2 now, lets hope Obsidian sell enough to continue the franchise. Well done Obsidian, fantastic game.
  13. Took me hours to get from game start to the end of Saudi Arabia, Moscow was several hours and so was Taipei, the rest I have not finished yet. I am not dragging it out I am just exploring all the content and tackling each mission with as much stealth as I can. I think this proves one thing, they are not using stelth at all! Also other factors are obviously affecting gameplay speed to get the eight or nine hours completion time. They are either playing on the easiest settings or skipping all additional content like e-mails, mission caches, training missions plus the bonus training missions, hacking additional computers, additional mission objectives, cut scene dialogue. Or far more likely, they are doing all of the above. For comparison sakes, it is taking me longer than Mass Effect 1 or 2 for that matter.
  14. Only fools pay attention to reviews, they are just some strangers (Often biased) half hearted opinion, I personally find it a waste of time reading them. I just wanted to say to the Obsidian staff involved in making this game, well done. AP is quite possibly the most addictive, compelling action RPG I have played since Mass Effect 1. The graphics are great and the game runs well at higher setting on my crappy PC. The upgrade/perk/combat systems are very well implemented. The thing I like the most is I can be stealthy and complete missions without having to kill anyone, not only that you reward me for it with perks. I am currently in Moscow on the last mission with Rome and Taipei still to do. Edit - Just needs a patch to sort out a few bugs, just please do not do what Bioware did to Mass Effect 1 and never fully fix the game.
  15. Anyone know if New Vegas is getting an updated GECK?
  16. TES - V Open ended, rich mythology, 3D interactive world, gripping story, great character customization and building. D3 Left click till your finger drops off. I think I know which I would pick.
  17. Electron was used to satisfy NWN players, if they make another game like NWN2 then a similar engine should be used. The engine to use really depends on what kind of game is being made, just because Cryengine 3 is technically beautiful does not mean it is good, performance is more important. A better performing engine means more copys of the game can be sold to more people. Personally I do not care too much on the engine used so long as it suits the game and perhaps has some sort of Umbra as part of it.
  18. I hate them both equally. Back to the topic, I would love the new project to be another expansion to Neverwinter Nights 2, but if it is not then I hope it is a unique Obsidian RPG, in their own setting using an engine made in-house.
  19. I hope an updated construction set is also included. *hint* I love Fallout, Bethesda did well, but it is good to see it back in the hands of those that know it best. Oh, the topic is about the story. :D Make the plot decisions/directions morally ambiguous, their is not much grey in Bethesdas game.
  20. I loved Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II, they are what got me into playing RPG games so I have fond memories of them both. I only recently discovered that the designer of Icewind Dale/lead designer of the Icewind Dale II has a personal project The Black Hound. Needless to say I am quite excited about this, especially since it will include a couple of characters from my favourite games. The only way this could be any better to me is if it was set in Icewind Dale itself! I really look forward to getting my hands on this, so much so that I had to register just to say it. :D
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