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  1. You are right, because it is not present! You missed my point though, adding it would make the game far too easy. I would prefer people complaining that quick save is not present rather than them complaining that the game was no challenge.
  2. The first two are hardly things in need of a patch,they are features, stats, recruit testing. What do you mean with number 3? Customize what? Mikey? Guns? Armour? Safehouse? User Interface? Perhaps fixing actual bugs should come first and foremost. I am not saying your post was pointless and unlikely to change anything... okay perhaps I am.
  3. Never had the AI see through walls, but they have heard me run around and came after me. Also never experienced any enemies standing still still doing nothing. Either it is not a common bug, or I have been lucky with my 2 1/4 playthroughs.
  4. One can hardly comment on a game when 90% of it has not been experienced. It would be like me saying Star Wars episode 5 is crap, after only seeing the first 10 minutes.
  5. I couldn't agree more. Only one real problem. Whoever decided to use checkpoints instead of savegames should be shot. Multiple times. Quick save is a cheat and makes games far too easy. Checkpoints force players to complete sections flawlessly in order to progress, good design decision in my opinion. I also agree with most of what Libertarian says.
  6. I enjoyed my first playthrough of VTMB also, but that was years after release when all the bugs were squashed by community efforts. At least I could play AP through to the end when it was released. AP was better, VTMB had a little too much tedious walking about and bad combat mechanics. Both had good atmosphere and story though.
  7. You mentioned the same bug three times Paraclete. The "Reload Last Checkpoint" bug does not update the level progress correctly, be it enemy locations and or objectives. It can be avoided buy selecting your last save instead, which wipes any progress made up to that checkpoint. AI bugged, how so? Do you mean it is affected by a bug, or just not intelligent as you would like?
  8. Also you have arrows left and right, click them to access the other options from that menu, like abilities and gadgets.
  9. I must admit, those e-mail are mad, got to love them, especially when you go along with his madness. :D
  10. The guns are fictional, why should we care about the part names? I think you are just nitpicking Chop.
  11. I am not keen on DLC, I prefer expansion packs, but an expansion is doubtful so yes, in this case I would like a few DLC's. A DLC could easily add a few missions to the game, weapons clothes and armour, I would like to at least see that added.
  12. Did you add the OneFrameThreadLag=False .ini tweak or just the UseBackgroundLevelStreaming=false Both should eliminate most peoples lag/mouse problems Blackwolfe. Cesko, you may be right that the controls are much nicer, but a PC will always look better. With luck the patch will make the controls a little more PC friendly.
  13. Read the forum, most people have no major problems. Those that get some of the problems like mouse movement or lag can be fixed. I suggest getting the PC version, but that is only because I think consoles suck. :D Also ignore reviews in general, read forums and listen to people you trust. No word on a patch yet, but that does not mean none are coming.
  14. As said before; "the game doesn't have much heart" After saying that how can anyone believe a single word said in that article? A dire review, just compare the ratings. GameSpot Score 6.0 Critic Score 6.7 User Score 7.0 Not even those that visit that site and rate games think Gamespot's rating is accurate. Most good sites I have read give the game a respectable 8 out of 10 or 4 out of 5.
  15. You men the combat should have been based off a ten year old game? Are you mad?! AP is an improvement in many ways, apart from the non-linear aspect of Deus Ex, which AP needed to make it an actual masterpiece.
  16. Perhaps outfit changes were cut content? If we are lucky will be DLC or patched in.
  17. My first playthrough I have 0 sabotage skill, I did manage to bypass, hack and lockpick everything, it was normal difficulty. Some were very hard and took a few goes, but they are possible.
  18. Would the song have been Music_Boss_Temp.upk? :D Edit - The Final Countdown, for those interested.
  19. It is probably more likely under profile than config, not that I can open that file at all.
  20. You posted in the wrong forum section, this is a no spoilers area. You should have posted in the strategies section. Your problem is you have very low combat abilities, you should have added more to those. I beat him by using stealth and punching him in hand to hand.
  21. If you have a PC version then edit your .ini to fix the mouse issues, the solution is in the tech section of this forum. I agree with what you say, the game is deep and as enjoyable as when I played Deus Ex back in the day.
  22. I only noticed one bug during my first playthrough, that was the "Load last Checkpoint" bug, which is avoidable if you just select the checkpoint you want to load. Their are more bugs, but none ruin the game apart from the mouse one, which can be fixed with an .ini edit.
  23. I have never seen that before, the video is hilarious! :D
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