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  1. You do get skills that affect this, try using them. Also, use an EMP if you keep failing.
  2. That was actually quite a restrained review for him. He obviously liked the game.
  3. You are joking right, RDR is just GTA with horses and a hell of a lot more buggy. At least Alpha Protocol has a compelling storyline, which RDR completely lacks.
  4. I would buy that, I would buy several copies! I am a big fan of Icewind Dale, not so much Dungeon Siege, DS II killed that franchise for me.
  5. The guy is in it for the money, not for the love of the games he makes into films. He uses Germany's filming laws to claim back the money he (When I say he, I mean those that fund him) uses in filming, meaning that even if a film bombs, he still gets paid. So basically he has no motivation to make a decent film, so long as he can trick the fans into checking it out, that is all he really needs. Most game company's know to avoid him, I was shocked when he got to make Dungeon Siege, which is, of course, rubbish.
  6. I liked Dungeon Siege, hated Dungeon Siege II. I like Obsidian, but unsure about DS3 as DS2 really put me off the franchise. To this day I refuse to play any Gas Powered Games, games. Still, this is Obsidian, it will be worth having a look at when completed.
  7. I have no idea where that quote is from, but what game has face customization affect gameplay? Seriously, if that is a complaint, then I am stunned, Fallout, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Sims 3, all these great games have facial customization, not one of them affected gameplay. I would love to see the kind of futuristic game that recognises how ugly you made your character and has NPC's insult your face when you pass by. Or even sees you as attractive and hits on you all the time.
  8. Once I get my fourth playthrough done, then I will be ready for a sequel. Hop to it Obsidian, or I will set Heck after you!
  9. The game looks good, I do not get bad texture load speed, I find Borderlands performs worse in that respect, in Borderlands I could be running along and see the textures transition slowly between blurry low detail and high detail. AP on the other had rarely has that, I rate AP equal with Mass Effect 2 in regard to graphics and engine rendering speed. Bugs, what game does not have bugs on release these days? At least AP has few and no major game breaking bugs, also those that it does have are not very noticeable, many have completed playthroughs without noticing a single bug. Admittedly the PC has more, but the major ones like lag and mouse problems are fixable. I also say again, ignore reviewers, they have their heads up their own arses. They spend a day playtesting at most, which is pointless when dealing with an RPG. They often have biased opinions preferring to support specialised big developers or trashing good games just for the sensationalism of it all. Never listen to reviewers, not just for AP, but in general. Trust word of mouth and read forums, make up your own minds. This post is not directed at the OP, but anyone reading the thread that has yet to decide.
  10. The game has been sold as a "espionage rpg" does one even need to mention that you should like rpg's before buying it? I think that is one of the reasons people do not rate the game correctly, they go in without thinking that it is an RPG and as such, should be played as one. Normal guns blazing combat is possible, but you have to make your character revolve around that method of attack in missions. Toughness, good armor, high shotgun/rifle and of course use the damn skills! Which reviewers do not seem to realise are there.
  11. You can still use it in game. Go to; \Alpha Protocol\APGame\CookedPC\Packages\Music Change; Music_Boss_Temp.upk To Music_M11.upk And add it to \Alpha Protocol\APGame\CookedPC\Packages\Music\NEW
  12. It is a great stealth game, if you choose to play it that way, if you go around shooting first, then do not expect your game to play out like a stealth game. The point of this RPG part is that you can pick how Mikey approaches each mission. Skill up stealth, and you can get through every mission without being seen, if you wish. You can even complete the game without killing a single foe including bosses, if you choose. If you like stealth, then you will like the game, if you hate stealth, then you will still like the game as you can go gun crazy too.
  13. Where did you get those figures? Sites are giving the average user rating between 7 and 7.5. Only review sites are giving AP a low 6 to 6.5 score
  14. You will be waiting quite a long while if you are only expecting the Dev's to answer your mundane question, they are busy making games.
  15. Heck: "Copy like a floppy." Loved that guy after saying that. :D
  16. I think you are just making them up now Orogun01. :D
  17. If Obsidian does not base AP2 off that movie I will be pissed!
  18. Bland? That is just a flat out lie. Obviously not your kind of game Paraclete, you should stop playing and trade it in for a FPS.
  19. Indeed, most people that are complaining generally sign up to the forum, make one post in a random thread and do not bother coming back. I wouldn't mind, but they never back up the complaints they have. Not even I say AP is flawless, but it is a decent game, every game gets complaints upon release, especially if they are highly anticipated. Many Morrowind fans freaked out with Oblivion complaining about almost every aspect about it, Was still a decent enough game though, even though it has over 1000 bugs. AP has less than twenty (So far that I counted) and I would say only seven are important.
  20. I am not missing any point, I know a few people want it and why they do, but I just do not care. I just see things differently and obviously the designers do too.
  21. That speaks volumes about you. :D
  22. With pistol and martial arts they should both be possible on hard, they are the skills I used. First thing I did with Oman was stealth, get up close to him and start punching. Brayko, you have to run when he gets close, turn and use your pistol skill (Forgot the name) and aim for his head while he is panting. Use stealth to hide when you are in trouble.
  23. Actually I think it fits perfectly. Armour, clothes and weapons are easy DLC. It fits easily with the clearinghouse. Missions are also not too hard, so many factions and so many agendas, all it takes is Mikey to be e-mail or contacted through his TV and be given access to a new mission location. What the missions are, is not important, Obsidian have one good thing going for them and that is writing, so no matter what the missions are, they would be interesting and in keeping with the AP story.
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