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  1. In order to redeem the codes, you need to log in to your Steam account through the Obsidian site. So no, I don't think you can do it that way. You'll have to purchase the game first, then do it. Don't think so - I forgot to register my backer code on steam, which I did after doing all the codes from this thread. And when the game appeared on my steam account it had all the bonuses from this hunt event. Thus I think it is safe to buy the game after doing the codes.
  2. Never finished PoE1, easily one of the most boring rpgs I ever played. Not sure why I backed PoE2, probably still hoping for something, especially considering how Tyranny did have some promising changes despite all its shortcomings. As for romances, I'm unsure about Obsidian writing skills to make anything decent and not a wall of text with no substance and emotions whatsoever.
  3. The devs love traps it's obvious, why is there only 1 trap we can set at the same time, would be much more fun to have more options. Also making and tuning traps would be fun.
  4. Since Obsidian obviously accepts requests to remove backer content from random people. I wan't to have my name removed from this game, as I do not want to be associated with supporting this company and idiocracy promoted censoreship. Thanks.
  5. Your definition of attack is false and is demagogical. Also opinions of idiots are not valid by definition regardless of what you think about it.
  6. 1. Can't add characters from party roster to group (specifically Kana) - sometimes they appear on the map, but not in the party. 2. Some characters can't even be removed from the party - the roster and actual party do not synchronise, the roster shows characters I've selected, but the actual party is glitched in the previous state. 3. Inns and Brighthollow give me black screen when I try to zone there, basically all locations where characters not in the party are supposed to be. Thus my game is stuck. Don't see anything like that in the notes for upcoming patch. Steam forum shows I'm not the only one with this bug, but nobody so far figured how to fix it, maybe anyone here?
  7. Considering my previous experience with national post, even if you send it early I'll still get it late, so don't really mind either way. )
  8. Dude, but real girls are boring and are just for sex, how can you compare some plain females to gorgeous fantasy maidens?
  9. They should have made it a pledge reward, would be hilarious to have an orlan companion with a heavy Russian accent... or not. Anyway, I'd love the game to have at least a BG/PST amount of voice acting, but this volunteer thing is probably not worth the hassle.
  10. I'd prefer an open ending really, nothing that changes the fate and order of the universe, so that a potential sequel wouldn't need to take part 500 years into the future and on a different continent just not to take all the endings into account. Also no deus ex machinas and no ending selection menus 5 minutes before the end, instead it should be influenced by actions and decisions throughout the game.
  11. The more depth there is to the stronghold, the better, the actual change to game maps as a result of your strategic decisions sounds awesome too - probably too much for a release version, but would be cool to see something like this in the add-on. p.s. frankly, I'd love to see a rpg where stronghold building is a primary focus and not a gimmick, imo it is a great concept, playing a sovereign of some type.
  12. I have 3 gamepads but only use them to play fighting games with my bros and those terrible console ports which fail at keyboard+mouse. PE should not have any controller support beyond K+M, period. You simply can't make a decent RTwP tactical combat, inventory, general interface and a camera control for gamepad, they suck at everything but fighting games and 2d arcades, the only plus is they are more convenient to play with while on a sofa - and if you want to play RTwP rpg like that, get a notebook (or wireless K+M).
  13. I'm wondering what's the point of green ks badges, shouldn't anyone have at least a bronze one?
  14. I like the idea to have the gameworld influenced by the relative time flow and the order you do quests, but dislike to have something as major as companions availability depend on something other than clear choice. Because, frankly, it would feel really annoying, basically punishing players for not rushing or using a walkthrough.
  15. I'd prefer to have a smaller companion pool but with more character depth to them. BG1 had 25 companions, but they had almost no personality and world interactions aside from combat.
  16. Thanks, but no, Mass Effect had a system like that and we all know how it ended.
  17. Seriously there is no reason to aim for anything but 1080 since that is the resolution the majority of players will use. 4k resolution is used by what, 1% of gamers according to Steam stats? No reason to screw the majority by downscaling artefacts, it's the minority who should deal with upscaling. Also no reason to bother how the game will look in 10 years obviously, especially if it conflicts with nowadays needs.
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