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  1. Most Over-used---->
  2. HAHAHAHA Another poor soul caught to this glitch.
  3. I think most people think the K2 classes are ridiculous because they are.
  4. I shot myself in the foot when I heard Hammond died. WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN LANDRY!!?

  5. I'd be sad if an inner circle Atlantis died. Like Wier did. I didn't even know Hammond was dead until I came here. For your information Architect, I like it here in Pegasus. Until those damn Wraith came. All those flying saucer sound effects really ruined my sleep. :(

  6. And a question for Atlantis fans: What is your favorite minor story arc? (ie Kolya, Todd wraith, etc)
  7. I'll need geographical names as well as city and ship names. Few handfuls of dwarven and elven names. I'll probably make it original by crossing some of them together. And the same name thing will arise on occasion, I'll keep that in mind. I also need some "dark" names. Arabic/Eastern-ish mostly, if you know what I mean. I'll note the new suggestions... Thanks.
  8. Wow. Didn't know that either. And hi, Xard.

  9. Wow. Since 2004. Do you come back at random or something?

  10. [security skill against forum topic that should be closed] [success.] HaHa! Wait! Theres no loot in here! Damn it!!
  11. Why is the cave on K1 so hard to find? I never knew there was one until I played K2. I remember thinking how much smaller K1's was too.
  12. Two sabers is better than a double-blade because of the extra crystals capability. Maybe K3 can have extra crystal slots in the double-blade but for K2 or even K1, stick with 2 sabers.
  13. Everything is American pop culture at its finest with you, isn't it? Well, the title is fitting to the trailer. I did chuckle at the cow though. "I AM IRON MAN." *plop* That was kind of funny.
  14. I interpret there being allowed a militia, as I think we can all agree. And the right for individuals to bear arms (right of the people to keep and bear arms). I believe that "People" would mean the general public. Firearms should be legal widespread for self-defense until there are few of those who own them illegally. (Until violent crime is lowered significantly.) What for? Defense against fellow citizens, the government, or even a foreign threat. Regardless of whether or not a militia is maintained, people should have the right to weapons. Exclude the lunatics and violent felons- no weapons on government property or in schools, e.t.c. I think it is clear actually, that people should have the right to bear arms. I mean: "right of the people to keep and bear arms" Thats my interpretation. What, do you guys interpret people as the same thing as the militia? And uhh... Word filters at their finest.
  15. I'm not necessarily trying to create a whole country... only a story. What I mean is, I can only describe what would be appropriate in the story. The elven name was great, SirP, more of those please, and I'll take your advice on English villages, Wals. I'll also go into some more comprehensive details as well.
  16. Sorry for my dramatic response. I could have been far more subtle by launching a nuclear terrorist attack on New York instead. I'll try not to post in my thread in the future, fair enough? Now... the headset. I've gotten a new one that works with the exception that my controller "disconnects" frequently. I press "A" and it works again. Happens once every 10 minutes, approximately. I think its with the Xbox... Oh well.
  17. Since its now down to Obama vs. McCain: GO OBAMA! CNN 2008 Election Center Presumptive Nominees
  18. Continuum and Stargate Atlantis on Sky One. If you guys are talking about Stargate Atlantis, then... WTF! However you guys saw it, please put info in spoiler tags until August 19, when it airs in Britain (of whom I think are the last to get it).
  19. im late, but still, happy birthday!

  20. 5. @Jediphile: Ego discrepo, vos es a stolidus. I agree with the lightside myself, the dark will forever be both disgustingly evil and coop-crazy. Justice! Life! Not looking like a "mutantized-stonehead"!
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