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  1. i always assumed it was obsidianent as in obsidianentertainment Indeed. My joke was referring to that ent consists of the same letters as net.
  2. oh, u posted it. that was a real message, btw.

  3. Well, about how much you guys think its gonna be?
  4. CNN 2008 Election Center Favor in Presidential Contenders
  5. NO! They'll go for Florida next!! Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
  6. I think the forums URL changed too. Old: forums.obsidianent.com New: forums.obsidian.net Ha. They scrambled ent to net
  7. Love the error messages, btw.

  8. Many episodes have at least one explosion. You'd like the ship combat, too.

  9. I am, but most Xbox games are very cheap so I thought what the hell. Well, thanks.
  10. Erm, GOTO had little choice, seeing as how the Exile had just exposed his entire organisation to the Hutts and caused the destruction of his yacht, which served as his base of operations. Yes I know, what I mean is that he stayed with you. Sure he was a broken crime lord with nothing afterward, but that doesn't give him any reason necessarily to follow the Exile on his/her quest.
  11. I don't mind PC gaming, but I was looking for something to play on Xbox live with my original box. So you guys would reccomend against Battlefield 2? quick google to show that battlefield ii was on xbox
  12. My motto is, anyone who posts in a Florida citizen-only profile needs to be exterminated ASAP. Violators! Preparing Aborigine attack squad...

  13. *slippery watery ocean going mammal squeaking and occasional intestinial gas noises among other very fishy and frightening sounds*

  14. Mandalore was on a recruiting drive with you wheras G0-T0 was uh... randomly coming with you. Very streching indeed. Another reason to be amazed with KotOR 2's cut content, I think.
  15. Came across Obi-Wan for Xbox in my game case, is it worth playing?
  16. This is a thread from 2005. Quite obviously. I have an original xbox though, so yeah. I need a recommendation on this game for live, on my original xbox. I haven't played it before (which may be a shock, idk), but I need to know if it is populated and some opinions on the gameplay. I'm pretty sure theres a relatively recent thread, but I think its for the 360 edition. If it went 360 then its gotta be good but I'd like details. * You ones who know who you are do not post here, either, I don't need you.
  17. They copied my poll + 1 more JB I hadn't thought of. Its great, though. I always bypass the homepage and go directly to the forums, so I never would have noticed. The poll worked fine for me as well, btw.
  18. It would be awesome if you came to Halo 2...

  19. NO. I suppose he WAS somewhat interesting, but I didn't enjoy having another useless hanging around.
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