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  1. Indeed it is. I am more upset over his death than anyone else. :/
  2. De Nada It would've been a lot better if they'd actually attempted to make a movie with plot and character development. Then again, I'm probably asking too much. They decided to focus on the new robots and less on the old Transformers that we knew and loved from the first film. Makes no sense to me. If only Michael Bay had hired someone to write a decent script.
  3. Saw Transformers 2. I want my $8.50 back. oh, and Calax your Byakuya icon is adorable!
  4. I got bored with the other crap. Decided I needed a change.

  5. Now where's Accept? This would be a reunion.

  6. Write it down. I might regret it later and you'd forget it.

  7. It's been eons. And my Thanksgiving was awesome. I'm stuffed.


  8. I am a Carth fan and I exist on these boards.
  9. I'll admit that I'm not too good for this place, either.

  10. I need to change it. But I'm lazy.

  11. I'm a diva at heart.

  12. And I missed you Accept. Mucho.

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