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  1. Hahaha, The Hobbit. I do recognize Omeli from reading the book, tho. Isnt that the dwarf who tries to defeat Smaug by blowing his tuba? :shifty:

  2. But yeah, she's doing alright, she's real excited about her new role in the Hobbit, she's playing that dwarf who pretends to be a girl, what's his name.... Omeli? :shifty:

  3. Hahaha! She thinks Vikings are ugly mother****ers, just saying.

    I just make comments on her journal, and used to talk to her on AIM, but neither of us really has time for that anymore.

  4. Oh, nevermind that, I looked at her LJ and it said "Current location: on my bed. waiting for swedish viking"

  5. Where is Liz, and how do you make contact with her? Is she still trapped in that ferris wheel in disneyworld? And does she still communicate by throwing down text written with bird feces on torned bits from her wet t-shirt? :shifty:

  6. And that she's proud you finally came out of the closet, it's for the best. :shifty:

  7. I'd kick you in the groin but then I wouldn't want to miss and... oh yeah, that's right, you have no balls. :shifty:

    I knew you'd say something here, Liz isn't coming back here, she said to say hello to you, though.

  8. Oh Liz Liz Liz I want to give you a kiss kiss kiss

    Oh Archie Archie Archie I want to give you a roundhousegroinkick kick kick

  9. Hahaha, but not the more traditional heterosexual bacon and egg pairings? Always thought Sweden was ****ing weird. :shifty:

    By the way Liz is alive, I talked to her again, so our alligator theory was wrong. :shifty:

  10. Actually people in Sweden are quite opeminded regarding egg-to-egg relationships.

  11. I thought absinthe was ILLEGAL in Sweden. Obviously not. :shifty:

  12. Oh come on, like you haven't fantasized about some good, old fashion lesbian Omelette on Omelette? :shifty:

  13. What the hell are you babbling about you impotent Swedish fool? :shifty:

  14. Sorry there, Archie. Of course I meant girlfriend.

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