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  1. Boom? As in explosions?

  2. HAHAHA I'm not his least favorite member anymore!
  3. Meh to the "Awesome" pic.

  4. Carth would pwn Atton, lol. Even T3 would pwn Atton.

  5. How is the multi on H2 these days? Obviously it used to be thriving but with H3 and especially COD biting off huge shares of the online users, is it still active? Its active. Easy to get a match. Dunno why Nick_i_am won't come. He probably fails to load Lockout or something.
  6. Since its now down to Obama vs. McCain: GO OBAMA! CNN 2008 Election Center Favo(u)r in Presidential Contenders
  7. lulz, I guess nobody else has seen Continuum yet either, hmm? I'll rent it here soon.
  8. I didn't pick any items, but K2 items rule K1 items.
  9. The beginnings of Star Wars peoples civilization, the dawn. Like 68965467845678654567543567654345674356765456763456567865456786545675435676543567 65435678654675434567543567 trillion years ago. EDIT: ROFL
  10. Ah. "Stargate: Mathematician" then.


  12. walkerguy


    Is that you, walkerguy? I just found this topic- no its not me, dumb***. edit: Yippe for spam thread!
  13. HaHa! You know Juhani actually has DS's slow. Thats annoying. I really expected something magnificent to happen at the Jagi battle and it didn't. I find it somewhat interesting since on most playthroughs its not even triggered for me.
  14. I am so surprised nobody wants to murder me in retro H2. I don't blame you for your fear, guys.
  15. Hey, wheres Chewbacca? I think I smell... eww... wookie? ...Naw, thats Architect. :shifty:

  16. Not RPG or MMO! KotOR 3 will be lego! Now Architect will have a game to call his own! :shifty:

  17. Err... I don't use this profile. I use walkerguy. There is no evidence that would suggest I was on mod status. spartan117 is, walkerguy is not. The laptop charger thing was true. I'm careless. Nowadays, the laptop is often away from home and find myself unable to keep pace so I hardly visit. Oh. I have to have a punchline. Lets make it simple for your dumb*** self. Oh! There it is!

  18. K3 MMO = Star Wars Galaxies FAIL
  19. Good point, but sometimes you can have trouble with non-Jedi. At least when you're LS. As a DS I can see how you're confident. Force storm, slow, etc. Ha.
  20. New sig cause old one too big? Only logical explanation. Unless he wanted your numerals in lowercase. lol

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