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  1. Err... I don't use this profile. I use walkerguy. There is no evidence that would suggest I was on mod status. spartan117 is, walkerguy is not. The laptop charger thing was true. I'm careless. Nowadays, the laptop is often away from home and find myself unable to keep pace so I hardly visit. Oh. I have to have a punchline. Lets make it simple for your dumb*** self. Oh! There it is!

  2. Fionavar is keeping spartan117 on mod status. He will not be used... removing link from walkerguy page...

  3. Its me, me! Whoo hoo!

  4. For a true believer, faith is reason. Why do you think there is such a huge controversy in nominally "secular" states over things like homosexuality and abortion? These are not arguments that can be solved solely by reason, not for the religious, at least. Good point if I may insert.
  5. I hope all goes well anywhere where church and state is an issue. Good for Turkey. Is Turkey a part of the UN or EU?
  6. HaHaHa Ignorance will make you suffer... Inflation, war, civil rights are all determined by what the people vote. Your daily life is affected. The president/prime minister/etc can control through their actions: how much you pay for rent, utilities, groceries and consumer goods, your rights, if you have to hide out because of war, taxes on everything you buy, safety of your town/city through storm precautions, prevention of terrorism at the super bowl when Osama Bin Ladin can't blow it up, etc, etc, I've only scratched the surface. Pretty much being ignorant won't hurt you; enough votes are usually cast, but be lucky most people don't choose this unwise path of ignorance because it leads to a nation uncontrolled by the people, by choice of the people ironically.
  7. Eh... Same thing on my old forums- ended up being too much so the moderators closed it down. They were arguing over whether homosexual citizens should have equal rights. For democarcy, equality is neccessary. Turn your head if you don't like it and be happy.
  8. Again, whos Billary? Is this some joke on these forums?
  9. I love atlantis and battlestar galactica!
  10. I think that this is a poor tactic of Billary, trying to play on people's fears instead of running a honest campaign. Obviously she can't win otherwise. Who's Billary? No, Hillary isn't being a bad person here. Obama often doesn't provide evidence of how he will fulfill his claims. I do not beleive that Obama is "bad" or a terrorist, just not the right choice for america. As for the quote from the article: irony!
  11. Ive never played DD but it sounds cool and even these homemade things sound sorta interesting.
  12. I use the gamestop stores or gamestop online which is usually better than ebay or amazon. the local mall recently closed gamestop, moved all stuff to EB, then 1/2 year later changed EB name to gamestop. old EB across town also changed to gamestop, for a total of 2 gamestops and 0 EB games.
  13. seems like everyones all about the 2 games difs. I liked both, however. whoever made the poll put too many options, too.
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