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  1. I agree about the obscenity thing, that had to be the last straw. This is a crazy story though, I'm totally shocked he won, but it does seem a bit sketchy...
  2. I saw this a few days ago: the Royal Pains rap I'm a fan of this show as it's a great fill in and some summer fun, but this is just ridiculously epic.
  3. That vuvuzela thing is great, hah! And yes, I heard that the Germans had been practicing with it for a long time, which has obviously made a huge difference.
  4. That's very cool...I think the phenomenon of that game has been confirmed, if it wasn't already.
  5. I agree with Crimson, no matter what the circumstances are it's still sad to see the guy died.
  6. Bah, got my days mixed up! Was thinking that Wednesday was Tuesday. I gotta say, Baldwin singing to John Salley's gotta put a smile on your face.
  7. I don't mind the change of scenery actually. I've loved the places they have rendered so far and having the same team on totally another setting is awesome IMO.
  8. Because we didn't think it was a totally average, boring, and forgettable game. Agreed, I have to think that if you've played with anyone else in a group of this game online, you have to at least recognize it as being "fun" if not "totally awesome."
  9. Baldwin + Spencer and Heidi from the Hills + John Salley + Janice Dickinson - Spencer and Heidi who have since quite Pretty interesting cast, first episode was last night
  10. He means boobs. Props for this, I LOLed
  11. Ocean Breathes Salty - Iron Horse (cover of the Modest Mouse song)
  12. Great game last night, although I did not see the Pitt win coming at all.
  13. Wow, those are small classes, I haven't had classes that small since grade school! I guess some of my more specific-major-targeted classes in college
  14. That is awesome. Some of the coolest news I've heard in a while. how long before it becomes self-aware and tries to take over the human though? :D
  15. wesley2


    not sure how you come up with that. they were 2-2 against each other during the season, and the blues are going in to this round on a serious hot streak. taks I really don't think that the regular season has much to do with it. The Blues are better coached IMO, but are a very young team and will still have some lingering injuries on the team going into the playoffs. Plus Mason is unproven with playoff pressure and everyone knows that Luongo can perform given the chance.
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