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  1. Disregard Darth Hades. Ewoks wookie theory seems good to me. Technically, George Lucas and the other producers made Ewoks and Wookies similar (both bear-ish or maybe gorilla-ish in wookie case) but anyhow, similar because of lack of innovation, perhaps. Maybe they just shortned the wookie, made him a coward, and put him across the galaxy on endor... SEE EWOK WOOKIE THEORY Maybe ewoks were thought of by rearranging letters in the word wookie...
  2. anyone who views this site vote in the poll dont know what we're asking? vote for the light side!
  3. Oh well it seems you would like Knights of the Old Republic III to be a Massively Multiplayer Online game, correct? I believe you are against RPG KOTOR 3, ok, Darth? Really, how can Knights become a MMO? Why don't you post a new topic to show me if I am wrong. Quote, "And don't even try to compare a single player game to an online game, there is no basis for comparison. Online games have twice, if not 3 or 4 more times the "shelf life" than a single player/console game." I'm sure you'd love to play KOTOR 3 if it eventually comes out. Nobody is misconstruing what you said. Just start the topic supporting your MMO or leave my "unschooled" self alone. NOWHERE do you APPROVE of an RPG. However, this particular forum isn't even about what form KOTOR 3 should be in- so we shouldn't even be having this argument, and, it is YOU who started it. If we're not on the same page about arguing about either looking forward to KOTOR 3 or arguing over which form it should be in, then YOU should of stopped this interchange. Look back at the posts. I even approved of you in some other forum until you assaulted me here so anyhow, yes... you know what I've got to say.
  4. According to Wookiepedia, 14 and though actual age is irrelevant when it comes to rating "looks". I fear your initial instinct, while based partly in stautes of our world also seems to follow under the very common misconception that; anyone who rates a "female video game character" must do so with implicit sexual intent, which is not far...but a ways from the truth. Mission - 8 Bastilla - 7 You are a freaking pervert, Darth Hades. P.S. Everyone: The correct spelling is Bastilla with 2 L's!!!
  6. Hey Omlette, why does "The Architect" have a sig that says you can't escape your fate with the shoe??
  7. Show me where on these Obsidian forums is a forum dedicated just to K3....Go on, show me the forum, not the topics, the forum. and since you can't do that, I'd suggest you shut the.....well....you know.... Now onto this "Darth Hades" Excuse me mister high and mighty darth piece of- if you have something against upcoming KOTORs, then why are you here? I know, you're here in the non-spesific area trying to convince people to join you in your disruptive rampage against KOTOR by turning it inot a MMO. some of the best games have "short shelf lives" because you cant turn it into a mockery be playing it online every day lof your life until a sequel debuts! I won't let you draw me into another argument, Darth. There is no emotion; there is peace.
  8. if youre not anticipating kotor 3 you dont need to be on obsidian forums- but a MMO would not be very good... it has to be RPG and maybe, no offense to obsidian fans, but it should also maybe be given to Bioware again if the opportunity presented itself
  9. make a new post with a poll in it for questions! i dont like darth circus or whatever by the way- the other one
  10. Followers of the Dark Side will bring about their own deaths and all their greatest dreams's destruction.
  11. Neither the Light or Dark side is wholly right. If Dark was 0 and Light 100, you should be around a 75, for a good balance or if you want to go to prision you can try a bit lower... but a 50 or a Gray, Neutral state is not the way to go. Nobody likes their drink warm: its either hot or cold.
  12. I think Revan was trying to do good for the Republic even when he and Malak went after the Star Forge, but by using Dark power, became dark himself. When you learn you are Revan again and you had been helping the Republic again I think Revan should stick to the light even if its only 'revenge' against Malak. I posted this in Star Wars universe because I don't own Sith Lords, only KOTOR 1 but its in the mail from gamestop. The process in KOTOR is insane. Malak and Revan are Jedi Malak and Revan fall to the dark side Bastilla is a jedi Revan, memory wiped, comes back to the light side Bastilla falls to the dark side Either: 1) Revan falls to the dark side again OR 2) Bastilla comes back to the light side
  13. Bastilla 10/10 Hear the KOTOR 1 Bastilla theme at
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