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  1. And concerning dueling the Handmaiden: Before one of our duels, she had Heavy Flex Armor loaded with upgrades (cost me several suits of armor for her armor's upgrades ). It disappeared during the duel because I forgot to strip it. Oh, and I specialized her in Melee combat, and of course she automaticly gets the Unarmed Specialists, so one of her master power attacks does like 150 damage to me. I gave her a plasma torch and she almost kills me vs. dual Vibroblades. Great times. I'm surprised she didn't auto-unequip it or something.
  2. No hope of KSE - the massive downside of playing k2 on xbox. I have a new problem. When I train Handmaiden, it loads Telos Academy. No movie starts or anything (the last several times there were cutscenes, you know) and nobody is there. The Ebon Hawk is there, but you can't transition inside. It even displays the text box "Ebon Hawk" but you can't board. Reloading and trying again, and trying different approaches doesn't work either. So pretty much, I can't train Handmaiden.
  3. They know something we don't. Thats the only reason they won't make K3. They have a secret plan. Or maybe SWTOR was their plan - for MMO fees - which is a terrible plan in my opinion.
  4. Speculation is now almost entirely going to be moot since the proper time period has been brushed over by Bioware and new game in MMO. Some people gave up with TFU, but everyone has got to let go now.
  5. 1 years old now <<<

  6. First time I was scout/sentinel ls Yeah, and I didn't know about the whole "destroy all those Jedi with force lightening" thing, so the first time I played, Malak took for evah. As to the combat style, I'm not really sure that I can remember, to be honest. I stick with Scout now, but I do belive my choice was purly for the outfits the first time, so I chose scoundrel , then I went with... I don't know. But I like Sentinel a lot now. K2 still kicks K1's ass, however. If you don't have lightening, you can just "Bash" the jedi.
  7. KotOR 2 = TSLRP KotOR 3 = Its not exactly a K3, since its doesn't continue the story. Link: http://www.swtor.com/ And um
  8. Akkere's Hydrospanner Galactic History: Bonus Mission Vogga's Horde So far, these 3 aren't possible any more. Akkere (the Sullustian right?) died when Khoonda's sabotaged turrets exploded, Kreia will no longer talk about galactic history, and the only time Vogga was asleep I woke him needlessly. Being not completely familiar with all the playthrough options I'm screwing things up quite a bit. Quest problems So far my only problem has been Lt. Grenn giving no reward and not talking about my contract with Vogga for fuel. He said he'd pay on his honor but he cheated me.
  9. "K3" is coming out as MMO, obviously. Yuck. If it goes 360 (Don't know- I doubt it) I'll be getting it.
  10. This is the first time I've played K2 on the 360, and I've only played before on the original Xbox. All in all it is mostly problem free so far. The only problems are with audio. Sometimes music won't play. The battle music usually plays after a fight and only for a moment and then yesterday, the entire game went mute. I rebooted and it was fine, but its getting somewhat annoying. K2 360 users, any major, gamebreaking problems later on that I should be warned about?
  11. Coruscant!! Nar Shadda and Korriban after that.
  12. This is actually thread #3. 1: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...mp;#entry832180 2: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=49786 Not that it matters much. Hmm... need to catch up on the politics...
  13. Ok, so I was a and tried to sign in the day of the update and got this message: "the connection to the Xbox Diagnostic Server has timed out. Verify that your Maximum Transmission Unit is set to 1364 or greater." First things first, I currently have a direct modem connection and no router or gateway. And after a little searching I discovered the update was in progress, which I had clearly forgotten. With the update over, this same MTU error still pops up! After a bit of Google time I found that many other people trying to get on now, 2 days later, still get the error. They update XBL Sept 29 for something you're not even going to get until later, then a whole load of us can't connect after its done? What is going on? Anybody else can't sign in? Also: There is a brief statement on Xbox's website: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/?WT.svl=nav
  14. I'm back again finally!

  15. Ok.... You do know that both of the original games let you do that, right? Even Xbox lets you have multiple saves. idk what game he played. EDIT: And agreed: NOT to the extent of grevious. Horrible. Just a luke skywalker kind of thing.
  16. ^ text I think that getting "cyborg parts" should be both LS and DS, if you make a certain decision or something.
  17. Yes, I think its on an hourly basis, but I'm not sure.
  18. Some of us may actually be interested in K2 threads but are unwilling to sort through the dozens of tech issues to find them. Particualrly when they are the same old issues that have been discussed hundreds of times. Sure even real K2 threads may not offer much of anything original, I mean the game has been out for 4 years, but still it would most likely encourage additional topics that previously were not hardly discussed for the fact that K2 is merely a Skeeter now. And now with the TSLRP coming soon, that would make it even more prudent. I can't imagine it would offend anyone to have a real K2 subforum (which would be different than the SWU forum, Marcus ) DN, you stated twice that there is a lack of "interesting threads". My point. So why not? Just try it out - soon, or upon the release of TSLRP. If it isn't used, delete it. (And I reccomend against the "TSLRP" thread, just make it "K2" and note TSLRP in the details. And NO, I don't say that because I am an Xbox-er, thats my honest opinion. ) EDIT: Btw, I had to dig to find my thread
  19. I think that too many technical problems get in the way of actually interesting threads, and diminish the enjoyability of the K2 forum. Get a subforum!
  20. Atlantis watchers, like the season so far? We've just seen Ghost in the Machine here in the US.
  21. Its either thinking too much about unreal fantasies, having too much time, or not having enough distressing problems in your life. If you lead a normal life and have "SWCS" than you sure do have a great capacity for balancing insane fanboy and your normal life. But I wonder, how much work do you miss waiting four days for every SW game outside the store? (and lol at the acronym)
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