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  1. If they are skimming boards, and hopefully they are, may be they'll notice this?
  2. It took me forever to find where to trigger the fight. I don't know if it always happens to the right of the Sandcrawler, but I was ready for a real fight. I laid some mines, put a few stims on, only to find that Jagi and his Rodians die almost instantly. How many people end up doing this quest, and how many of you overestimate Jagi? And its interesting. This is sort of repeated in K2 when Canderous meets those scattered Mandalorians.
  3. It only took me 2 (1 failure). I figured out I had to ditch the Arbiter. Besides that, its easy. Just keep making LS responses.
  4. d34R LuCASS 4RTZ: Plz M4k3 k0ToR 3 If u d0 1 will be so ROFL L0l l0l lOl lol Lol walkerguy
  5. Damn, Sheppard doesn't know pi. Its not as if its like "Stargate: Scientist", you dumb*** :shifty:

  6. Yes, pooh was there. And is here. Do not ask why I am pooh, but know this: I am not *your* pooh. Not that I care.... damn that name is too soft and cuddly sounding. More suited for the likes of Architect. :shifty:

  7. 100% random, sorry for that. (Receipt)

  8. Walkerguy: 'To those of us on consoles it doesn't even matter.' Unless you're a console hacker. HAHAHAHAHA
  9. Ahh. I have never gone to Kashyyyk before Manaan. I do my favorites first. So no Bindo = no quest at hotel, then.
  10. 11=first see him 12=second part apparently I had no idea he'd shift into a f***'n Tach. Thanks both of you!
  11. Did the general issue a receipt?

  12. Greetings from Pegasus. Send me a postcard... don't worry. The postage via stargate shouldn't cost... everything... I'll be waiting for it!

  13. Hi, pooh is here.

  14. I would really like if that would be true. Michael was always one-episode-villan who got dragged along way way too long. Still, I think he stole the cloaked puddle jumper from wraith hangar and survived. Finally got to see that on the 11th. I thought is was a great end to the Micheal plot, if he didn't survive. I don't think Micheal has the ATA gene though, so I doubt he took out the jumper. The McKay birthing thing was ROFL.
  15. Weapon Focus: Blaster Rifle Weapon Specialization: Blaster Rifle Repeaters, (such as Canderous's) are not rifles, they are heavy weapons. And uh, Basic rifle = fail. And any blaster rifle is really only any good with feats such as Power Blast or Sniper Shot as described before. K2 upgrades also rock.
  16. Manaan Hotel: Is the only thing of use there a single medpac? I've never been able to trigger anything.
  17. I am having issues finding the Kashyyyk shapeshifter. I usually don't do these DS bounties, but I want to try them out. Where does he/it run after the first time and do I have to trigger something? Maybe an expert like Jediphile could even give us a full list concerning Genoharadan bounties...?
  18. Accept comment=Fail :shifty: Archie, no, the only gifts I got were two Baals. Uhh... forget I said that. >_<

  19. Im not big on fic, so the one I told you about is barely in progress. Im more of a fiction interest than fanfic, but Im getting around to it, so yeah.

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