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  1. One thing to take into calculation is that multi-class gets a PL every 3 levels, not 2. If we don't just skip right to max level, we can probably see why solo-ranger actually has a way better time than Scout throughout the game. Here's the skill order for single class and compared to multi class on the ranger side Lv 1 - Mark + Wounding shot / Wounding shot + The other class Lv 2 - Vicious Companion / Mark Lv 3 - Gunner, marksman / Any lv 4 - 2-handed weapon / Marksman + The other class Lv 5 - Marked for hunt + AWS / Gunner Lv 6 - Roll / 2-handed weapon or the other class Lv 7 - Concussive shot + Shot on the run (T2) / AWS + The other class Lv 8 - Bull will or Protective Companion / Marked for hunt Lv 9 - Evasive fire + Driving flight / Roll Lv 10 - Stalker link or whatever. / Concussive shot +The other class Lv 11 - Con Tran + Improved crit / Shot on the run Lv 12 - Survival of Fittest / Whatever Lv 13 - Acc Emp, Dmg Emp / Driving flight + The other class Lv 14 - Pen emp / Evasive fire Lv 15 - whatever / The other class Lv 16 - Twinshot + Whatever / Con tran + The other class On paper, scout will be better at level 13 to 15 as that is when the ranger has to invest in empowered attack and on ranger, it's better to just use empowered for resource instead (unless you want to 1-shot the named-mage bosses). Which means level 13 to 15 is a blank spot with almost no growth in power outside evasive fire scaling with level. But before that, they get all the pieces of the build way faster than rogue with only level 8 and 10 being a freebie choice that can lead to even more acc bonus if you use stalker link. While you can slightly deal more damage with sneak attack, ranger is getting more accuracy and other talents to make them crit way more often too so it cancels out. And after 16, Twin Shot already happens so rogue will never catch up. 3 resources cost isn't a problem as I mentioned in another post where there are less than 10 fights in the entire game where you actually need to use more than 5 twinshots to end it. Majority of them being Tanky boss fights and 100+ deflection enemies (Fampyr).
  2. If you're looking for a hot and romantic likable best char, always go for Serafen.
  3. No sub class spec (none of them are really that good as they control your playstyle and ranger are best when they are versatile.) I play with 4 con 4 resolve. Max Might, Dex and Per. The rest into int. Both Con and Resolve are kinda trash especially on ranged char. The only time you will ever receive burst damage on the range char are in ship battles and even if you have 10 cons, without armor rating, you will die anyway. If needed, just have Druid or Cipher give you Robust buff to deal with the initial burst. For skills, you don't need to spec into pets at all. They scale poorly so you just use them as meat shield. Get Mark + wounding shot and the talents to boost your range attack. Get 2-handed weapon talent because bow and arquebus are considered 2-handed in this game and get the bonus damage from it. Then get upgraded mark and accurate wounding shot and just abuse having like +35 base accuracy at low level with marksman with a good weapon. After that, Evasive fire and Tranquilizer are the next 2 active skills you will grab. Evasive fire can be used to deal damage to a single-target by just spamming it (It's a spell. It scales off PL with high crit rate and no recovery time) and tranquilizer is an instant buff cleanse for pesky arcane veil and unbending tanks. The final active you need is the Twin shot. You should have every possible damage boost and faster reload/recovery passive unlocked along with all bonus accuracy (marksman and +10 accuracy while health is above 50% against enemy below 50% health) Use Arquebus in the early game unless you're fighting pierce immune because it has good range and damage, or use single-hand pistol if you're going for DPS instead with its modal for fast reload and single-hand bonus to cancel out the penalty. Don't forget to use the pig from the scavenger hunt. He gives gun damage and also take off recovery time based on armor. Combined with armor that has -15% recovery passive, you actually reload faster while wearing that light armor. If you can grab the 47k arquebus, probably with 50k cp blessing early, grab it and just shoot for 120-200 each hit for no effort because your acc is way too high (legendary gear, modal, acw, mark, and marksman for like +70 accuracy) and no enemies can stand a guaranteed crit shot with +50% burn damage multiplier. When you get driving flight, this also get bounced for like 75% of the damage. And when you get twinshot at level 16, you unlock the potential of the 12 arrows ice bow that breaks the game it only loses to Monk overtuned DPS and T9 Druid/Wizard spells. Not a single stage where you will feel ranger is that weak. If skeleton enemy with pierce immune are bothering you, go Dual-Saber, mark them and use AWS with the dual-saber. IT's a full attack that can also be used on melee. Double Saber crit will melt skeleton enemy with no effort. Or use Bow but I prefer to just smack them with Saber. The moment you have that arquebus, you can have everyone in your team go on auto-pilot or even you as well. You just need to manually shoot the mages/rangers to remove any potential threat with AWS or Empowered AWS and the only reason you manually control the twin-ice bow is to maximize its AoE potential.
  4. There really isn't much to micro on ranger. You can stand and shoot because enemies don't deal enough damage. I just leave the game running in real time, Mark, Empowered, Evasive fire if needed or spam evasive fire if it's good enough to kill. The fact that people have to use multiple class in order to dwarf their power already show the class is no where near bad. They may not outright be the best in certain category but they are great in ALL of it. Buff removal, CC (Stunning shot can perma stop a boss), Ranged damage, melee damage, Single-target damage, AoE damage, Frontline tanking? Got all of it on a single char. That is already one hell of a strength. There's pretty much no bad comp with a ranger in it.
  5. If they were really situationally useful, maybe. But with a few right clicking, you can tell right away majority of them overlap in duty and completely overshadow the other as a bunch of them are just "Cast Tier 1 of this inspiration" , "Cast tier 2 of this inspiration", "Cast tier 3 of this inspiration".
  6. Even if they have all spells available, it doesn't help majority of them ARE trash. BEside Devotion, HEal and Iconic projection, you can grab whatever and feels like you're missing nothing. Even go full talent if you feel like it.
  7. At least Durance in PoE 1 can offer CC immunity which is very useful because PoE 1 is loaded with enemies using CC. I feel like the whole point of priests on PoE 1 was to just spam all the Prayer against X at the start of every fight, cause otherwise your entire party gets paralyzed/dominated/stunned and wiped PoE 1 stood for Paralysis of Eternity. Cause that's really how you win or lose a game. PAralyse the crap out of everything or get perma stunned/dominated to death.
  8. At least Durance in PoE 1 can offer CC immunity which is very useful because PoE 1 is loaded with enemies using CC.
  9. IIRC it just upgrades one of your watcher ability. I think the terrify scream gets upgraded to also give you a buff on cast.
  10. How is that stupid? He's totally right. A lot of people can see that the subclasses are pretty lame besides Evoker just because it's purely strong. Wiz is awesome and honestly OP because of the Minoletta missiles taking priority over anything. It wrecks most mobs, especially empowered, and there's no reason not to spam it. I went through the whole game using my original grimoire and never needing anything else since I was an Evoker & I had pretty much most of the spells I could use anyway. Why would you need any other grimoire other than to mess around as a general Wizard for fun? If you're going for pure power, most spells are sub-optimal compared to some. You don't even need to min-max or be an evoker to bust the game with Wizard though. Majority of their spells are really good even at base level. Don't view wizard in general as weak just because Evoker is the most busted line. Wizard general power level is already part of the a top 3 best classes in the game, THe only time you will ever feel like Wizard is weak is that you constrantly label certain feature of the game "Cheesy" and self-gimp everything to make it "Fair" for the other classes. Wizards are never fair.
  11. Priests will be a lot more useful when enemy actually becoming threatening enough for you to start buffing defense and actually use healing spell for your team. Atm, supporting your own teams against a bunch of enemies that can barely tickle you is a waste of party member slot. It's like going to a tutor in your teenage year because someone challenge you to ace a 1st grade math problem.
  12. Not many of them really. Skeletal undead are pierce immune. Construct are fire immune. Fire naga drains fire damage. Many weapon have 2 damage type. The one that don't usually has very high base damage like Arquebus. Just use more than 1 weapon and you will fine. A ranger with hunting bow can easily fight everything because if they are pierce immune, the bow will deal slash damage instead.
  13. That's all it does? No backlash? From the god of resentment (among other things)? See that's what I'd have expected Skean to do. :D Or maybe give the whole crew diarrhea for a year. Kinda disappointing that there's no retribution of any kind. I don't think the enemies even come after you, which is weird. When I desecrete other shrine, the huanas are mad. This one take you to the shrine and just leave you there for your companion. It would be more amusing if you are forced into a 2 v whatever for desecrating the shrine.
  14. Well the enemies do say something along the line that it involves sacrificing those you really care about.
  15. If you're going to fire a lot of pistol shot, just go 1-hand and turn on the modal for way faster reload. 1-hand because it comes with a huge accuracy bonus to offset the negative from faster reloading.
  16. They missed the chance to write that fun line of dialogue in. "How you be feeling working as a herald for the goddess of death, cap?" "Like a slave. [clever]" "I knew there was something special about this boat trip all along."
  17. Considering the way our watcher is treated. Berath deals in slavery. #SerafenforPoE3confirmed
  18. That thing still around? I tried for so long and it didn't pop up compared to PoE 1 that takes only a few clicks.
  19. Twinshot being a 3 cost is NOT an issue. You don't use empowered on Twinshot. You use it on resource because the AoE explosion do not go up on empowered. 3 cost is all it takes to instantly kill a whole group. You can fire it 3 times when you get it and 5 times with empower extra resource. There isn't enough fights in the game that go into 2 digits zone where you need more than 5 twinshot to end it and majority of them end in 2 or 3, 4 if they have a bunch of targets that stay apart. And accurate wounding shot isn't bad either. Combined with Mark, that's +30 accuracy until the end of the fight for 1 bond each. You have almost 40 accuracy bonus with the white dragon pet and marksman talent. By average with your high accuracy rating, against non 100 deflection fampyr, you should crit on 4-5 arrows. That's easily over 130 AoE damage and 100 more from the arrows themselves per AWS. Flame of Devotion does no where near as much damage while also being single-target. We need to stop assuming Ranger is terrible because "Monk exists" as that is not an excuse. They may not be the 1st for a DPS class but they are certainly not last either. Even Rogue is crap at dps compared to them because Rogue can't abuse the bow.
  20. To accept the peaceful, did this twice First, accept the quest to find the brother dueling from the sister. Meet them behind the waterfall and persuade them to finish at first blood and prevent any killing. Go to the male leader house. Accept his quest and chase the Rauatai soldier out by spooking them about ghosts. Go to the female leader house. Tell her you will want to give this peace talk a try. Ignore the quest to investigate about the vault raid. Go to the male leader house, tell her the female leader want a peace talk. Back to the female leader house, tell her the guys want it and peace talk begins. Make sure you have enough points into diplomacy, around 6. Diplomacy is like one of the most useful passive skill anyway, along with insight. Try to remind them constantly about the benefit like profit and how even old enemies can end up an ally these days. Peace talk is done. Go raid the vault on your own with someone having 10 stealth. Rob everything.
  21. No Meteor and Salvo. Dumped. So at level 19, you don't get "the most powerful" spell in the game? Gotta wonder what some of your priorities are. When I finsihed my first playthrough, I had just hit level 19 with the majority of the quests I had picked up along the way finsihed, aside from a few of the task bounties. Hurray, I got to play "the most powerful class in the game" for thirty minutes. Had I decided to reload a previous save and mop up all of the quests that I had left, or had yet to find, so what? It wouldn't have made a difference. There's more than level 19 in this game, which is at the point where it's essentially over. Even if you had four or five hours of content left to do, it still doesn't matter. Everyone will be level 19 - 20, and everyone will already be higher level than everything else until they fix the scaling. If there's going to be DLC released similar in size to the previous game, it might make a difference there, but then they also might raise the level cap too again. He asked if I would sacrifice T8 and T9 for more wizard spells in T1 to T7 with a multiclass type growth. You knowl this means getting a new spells tier every 3 levels instead of 2. This means slower access to fireball, Gaze, Orb, etc. You're right there's more than level 1 to 19 but purposefully hindering your own spell growth just so you can use weak spell more often is extremely poor planning. Why would you delay your own spell growth just so you can use lower tier spell more often? Why use Minor Missile 4x or chill fog again when I can be using Paralyzing blue Fireball at level 7 instead? Or bounding/AoE Missile. So no, double wizard is just weaker than a single-wizard at all level and only appeal to people thinking spamming more spells is better than using the best spell for that situation.
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