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  1. Compared to PoE1, in PoE2, the losing conditions really represent you doing the idiotic thing imaginable at that moment. "Work for me" - Berath "NO!" - You "Okay bye" - Berath And then the one at the end "Hey there" - Eothos "LET'S FIGHT" - You "Wh what?" - Companion "Really?" - Eothos "YES REALLY!" - You And he freaking soul eye beamed you right at the end of the game lmao.
  2. PoE2 is a lot easier and I believe this is more because of the new Armor Rating system. Currently, the bonus is so crazy. A few points of pen and you deal twice the usual damage. A few points below the armor rating and you deal absolutely no damage. You heavily suffer from this in the early game gets shot death for absolutely no effort by 30 damage a hit because of their low armor. You deal decent damage with spell because it pens just about right. Then 10 levels later. Every spells deals twice its stated damage because of the overpen from level scaling, more with empowered. Enemy can barely scratch anyone with 12 or 13 armor rating. Even if you upscales all enemies, they don't change their gears resulting in low armor rating and penetration. The bonus gonna need to be rescaled and that will fix A LOT of balance issues. I will miss my 2k damage Salvo and 700 AoE damage Maelstorm though when this gets mixed.
  3. Shifter Druid Orlan because furry. Loved the cat form since PoE 1. Tried making Wizard and Ranger in PoE 1 before and felt like something was missing even near the end of the game and rolled back to playing the 3rd druid anyway. I just love being the walking squishy nuke. Shame animal form is somewhat gutted in PoE2 (Super heavy dps nerf and no spell usage compared to PoE1) but it still is okay to use the first 30% of the game before empowered Hailstorm and later, Maelstorm destroy everything.
  4. Feels bad to friendzone everyone because I want Serafen and he leaves me at the end because he has a set goal and a heart of one-night-stand man. Doesn't help he's the only one who feels natural. I'm the one who approach him and he gives a clear explanation why he's not ready to settle down even if I try really hard (And I think his convo is bugged because he is always feeling down ever since his quest). Way better than when certain someone freaking cucked me in D:OS2 as a reward for all the help and romance. Certainly won't stop me from making my own romance comic like I did with D:OS2.
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