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  1. THe only proper way to do this atm is to do Matere questline first with the prince then return to the Queen after Hasongo where the quest Fruitful alliance and the pass phrase will be given. And before that, you must also not kill the Crookspur Slavers or report the result to Deadfire as they will settle down on the island. It's a very annoying issue because you need to have all 4 faction quests that link to Crookspur to not have it bugged.
  2. No, there are 3 routes. You either storm in, stealth in to the forge and steal ship OR stealth in, go outside and do the quest with Mirke to make a party and blow Benwett up with a planted bomb when he plays the piano thing. And if you do it the Mirke way, you also get to talk to Syri the Siren who tells you about Remaro and his room before he left.
  3. there are many ways to kill him and the pirates never went hostiles for me . I mean unless you bust in and kill him... I went the others routes (found 3) to kill him..and nobody go hostiles . The trigger is really just the alarm horn thing. that one is just one route... or are you saying when you use the horn everyone goes hostile? Yes, the entire place turn red if the horn is blown even once. You can stealth in and butcher everyone in the dungeon and still be blue with everyone else if they fail to sound the horn.
  4. there are many ways to kill him and the pirates never went hostiles for me . I mean unless you bust in and kill him... I went the others routes (found 3) to kill him..and nobody go hostiles . The trigger is really just the alarm horn thing.
  5. Benwett location isn't really high level. If anything, it's another port that sells stuff if you don't aggro the pirates to kill Benwett and follow Serafen suggestion to be stealthy and just assassinate him.
  6. Stuck with this on my 1st playthrough and I still don't know how to fix this on the 2nd even if I try to do all the quest chain properly. So Serafen isn't as happy anymore once he learns that Furrante been dealing with slaves and ask you to help. Once the quest activates, after you sleep with him, he is no longer in the mood anymore and no longer talks about the principi. Even if you sack Furrante, kill the slavers and also sack Castol while at it, nothing improves. What exactly is required to fix this so he will start reciting poetry in my cabin again?
  7. I dumpstered both Con and Res in PoE 1. No different in PoE 2. The reason why defensive stat will never be that great in this type of game is because dead enemies can't deal damage and the bosses will never be designed to work in JRPG fashion where you have a minimal health requirement to not be BSgipped by some giant unavoidable AoE. THey need to make attacking skills that scale with your own defense and health for those attribute to really be useful outside roleplay purpose.
  8. Bottom right, top right and bottom left. Remember that the quest is rather buggy and the grimoire aren't guaranteed to drop. Best save before you kill the mages.
  9. They really just need to add more talent to spec into special weapons. Right now, we only have the faster cast time. The rest are generic. how about a special T6 or T7 talent or something that "adds an extra keyword to conjured weapon based on type". Or "Gains X inspiration for conjuring weapon" so on and so on.
  10. I really don't expect Deadfire to settle down with a happy ending. If anything, the whole 4-way battle is like a super glorified version of the Defiance Bay faction battle. There's just no way for them to settle down and like each other. Meanwhile, the companions has TONS of slide though. All the side quests and so on are really to build up companions especially the faction-based people. It's great to see that the character I do care the most are greatly affected by the journey. It felt good seeing MAia complain that RDF are being dumb going for Ukaizo and making her question if her loyalty is being used to really serve the people or just the top brass.
  11. THey need to design some ridiculous scripted encounter like having enemy rogue start in stealth and so on or put a debuff on you before a fight starts. There's only 1 of that in PoE 2 and you have to step into a trap at the Zombie Island for them to scale the tower and surround you. Like PoE 1 had that White March Elevator where you are surrounded and have an injury slapped on your to make your team weaker and powerful AoE with friendlyfire harder to use. The other kind of design is a long fight like the one at the Old City near the spot where you get a unique item from a corpse at the top right and the rotghast start waking up 1 by 1. Another is the Berath Temple where skeletons start spawning as you kill more of them. There's no way to prevent cheese because of human creativity when it comes to exploit. Anyone can youtube a walkthrough and beat any encounter frm just repeating the steps. You can only make em harder to pull off.
  12. I rather enemies be threatening that us having to be nerfed down to their level of incompetence. If enemies are really strong enough, then we just need to fix the whole Stealth Disengage or Pre-cast spell free shot abuse. Like, for example, Empower can only be used once the combat has already begun. No more Pre-cast instawipe Maelstorm. Have to do it in combat instead which is riskier if the enemy ranger actually deal damage.
  13. It really shows when Brilliant is really only good for super immortal char because they don't have to worry about braindead enemies. Dps type just burn through it too fast to really use brilliant. And Unbending can just be turned into regen to make it possible to still kill the character especially if Reduced healing is used. There should even be a T3 sickness that disable healing while it's around. Is there even one?
  14. Fixing the level scaling at least prevents me from just critting last-game contents 90% of the time at level 20. 100-120 deflect vampyr are quite an annoyance when you don't just drop empowerd maelstorm on their head. Now they just need to give the enemies proper skill usage instead of using at best T4 stuff at level 20.
  15. Well, what's the point of any weapon when a missile salvo can do 28-50*18 AoE corrosive damage or wilting wind can AoE hit 120-150 and weaken everyone? Even Tekehu is doing over 120 damage in a friendly AoE with ocean burst. Just grab 4 wizards and something to draw enemy attention for 5 seconds, give them all chain lightning and you are all set. You can't exactly compare the nuking power of a wizard to martial power of a wizard. It's not his role to begin with. That's not the point. Compared to the power levels of the existing unique weapons, summoned weapons are not leagues behind and utterly worthless. Plus, as a side bonus, you don't need to know exactly where the weapon to complete your build is to get a conjuring wizard rolling. That's the point. None of the weapon are as good as the better unique weapon though. The 47k Arquebus has +50% burn. The bow has AoE-on-crit. There are are sabers with extra crit or extra ice damage. Pretty much anything that just have base damage but no additional final damage bonus/resets are terrible, which also happens to be every freebie weapon in the game. Conjuration, Shapeshift claw (without talent. Still meh with them), Cipher freaking T8 daggers.
  16. That's really just the issue with the game being open world and some people rush through something too fast it breaks the pacing.Multiple quests in this game open new options if you do other quests first and drag the other char along. Sayuka is supposed to be a level 13 area or something and by level 13, you will have the multiple quests done with the pirate to learn about the secret slavery deal in the Principi and Royal Deadfire deal in Sayuka.
  17. Nah she's just crazy when it comes to love. She either goes after you or whoever has a higher relationship and even they want to dump her ass.
  18. Another way to properly tackle skills like UNbending is to make it work as a mix of instant heal and HoT. Unbending: 50% of the damage received are converted into healing. Half of it will be recovered over 5 seconds. So even if you stack it, if the damage is high enough, you can still die. It will also make the enemies less annoying if you don't have instant dispel. And we need more reduced healing skills in the game anyway. You only see it the first few hours of the game and the next time you see it, it's all the way at Nemnok place.
  19. Just press the alphabet keys on the ability. If the key is not taken by some other shortcut, it can be used to hotkey abilities.
  20. Eh no there is an instance where Eder recognizes Orlan cage (that was kinda horrible), and says something along the lines of it being in good condition and that they used to have it in Dyrwood. And with his incessant petting of everything soft, including Serafen's head. As much as I love Eder he is really racist towards orlans, and he doesn't realize it much. I don't know if its a bug but he hit +2 with Xoti faster than he hit +1 with my sarcastic Watcher, and he was disillusioned with Eothas and told Xoti that she should stop talking to him. Idk either its a bug, or the guy doesnt use his head for anything other than bashing. Knowing Eder and based on his convo with Hiravias, he's probably just dumb and think Orlan are cute for being tiny or something.
  21. Serafen and Eder are probably the only two char in this game that stays 0 or green with everyone. Really hard to make them mad. I think there's only like, what, 1 companion racist quote being Eder joking about having Orlan pets? Meanwhile, Aloth is the only one to find Serafen in the red for enjoying life. HOW DARE HE?!
  22. It felt good on the first few times. It felt tedious and cheesy after that but you know you have to do it if you don't want to rely on diceroll to help you with the bloated stats. Pretty much all high damage items are busted.
  23. And all the room really shows you is that "Once you know what you are doing, you pretty much beat the entire game with no effort. The only difficulty you really are facing now is the very limited amount of tools to deal with the encounters." And sadly, that limitation does go poof the moment you clear Caed Nua and gain access to unlimited amount of curio supply, gems, scrolls, etc.
  24. Bombs are arguably cheaper and just as strong. Items in generals scale to such heights that maxing one item skill on anyone is pretty much the way to go (but then why wouldn't you be maxing alchemy). Probably because there's no reason to drink anything as enemies are too weak. I find it easier to just wipe the field in 5 seconds. That or something like bouncing arrow + ice bow easily deal 300-350 AoE per Twin shot anyway there's no need to drink the potion for overkill. You have to be at a super boss encounter to bother using it. Is this really fair? Cause I don't think it is just because Monk can do it slightly better. https://imgur.com/a/HDJ3vAg
  25. I would say that's fair considering druid has less resources (Cipher with drain whip) and it's a melee-spell. It just so happen that most of druid T3 is also mediocre anyway so they won't feel bad using it if they get the chance and don't have to be using giant AoE. Right, but that alone tells the story: one of the best, most effective Cipher powers is basically a fair trade with a Druid power that's a tier lower. It's really telling that one of the most common uses of a pure Cipher these days is to be a backup healer/buffer rather than a "striker" or CC class. Like, ok, you can make it work, but it's no First-Game Mental Binding Crowd Control role. And defensive mindweb got nerfed so that if anyone takes damage they drop out of the web, yay A lot of the Cipher powers seem like they got nerfed during development due to general concerns from the first game (CC being too powerful, etc.) but they never got looked at again after all the other balance changes were made to see if the nerfs were still necessary. Cipher is still good for damage until level 13 where they start falling. This is caused by the game weapon scaling to be extremely weak compared to magic scaling (with empower) and that unless you have a dedicated damage spell at T9, you pretty much can't deal damage with spell anymore. But it is quite fitting in a way. There really isn't a well-known cipher killer who use mind power to destroy people yet, mainly just control them or assist other though I certainly won't mind some kind of universal better version of the Scream spell that only work on vessel for a good high tier AoE damage spell. But until then, that +8 pen buff will do and is imo, the best damage buff in the game as accuracy from devotion ain't that awesome because of enemy low defense roll and our ridiculous acc bonus + empower.
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