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  1. As far as I know they only get to lvl7, but maybe I missed the lvl8 abilities on my previous characters... who knows.
  2. This is the part I didn't like at all. It's even worse when you learn about the golden ages of Ukaizo when every kith prospered. It was a great chance to make an alliance even if just for a temporary truce. People don't have to like the same things, but they absolutely must hate the same. I bet every single faction and their people prefer to keep their lives with their souls intact. So even if only by a mission impossible level route, but there should be a way to hammer them together to face an end of the whole world level danger. If not everyone, then at least some of them, but even that's better than squabbling children fighting over their next fav toy.
  3. That's an interesting pairing. You could use your ghost pet as a proxy for your cipher (beam) abilities. I wonder if that could work as a melee character. True it would be a shame to miss the ranged passives of the ranger. :]
  4. Maybe it's just me misunderstanding that "pairing", but you can't multiclass a cipher and pick time parasite, if you meant pairing it with another character then why not just make that other character be the solo class cipher so you can build something fun instead. Domination is a huge part of ciphers. The only uniquely great thing about ciphers is that they can use charm way before and better than anyone else. That being said I'm all for nerfing or removing the charm abilities, but then the least they should do is totally rework the whole cipher class. In PoE other caster classes were burdened by their per rest abilities so the cipher totally made sense, but now I'd never pick a cipher over a wizard for an example if I want to make a multiclass character. With the soul annihilation nerf they tried to fix a problem just to create a new one. Most people preferred the soulblade for multi purposes because soul annihilation was just way too good. So good that it totally outcompeted the rest of the cipher abilities. Now with the halved damage they turned that around, it doesn't worth the focus spent when you can just use a cipher ability that does better damage anyway and it's available for every cipher subclass. So while cipher(soulblade) characters are still powerful and can be fun for some, it's nowhere near where it should be. I mean cipher was my favorite class in PoE, but now I only finished the game with it because I wanted to see the unique cipher dialogues. :|
  5. I really enjoyed my Sage (shattered pillar/wizard). Wizard is full of variety and pure destructive power, and monk have awesome buffs and combat animations. It really made me fall for both classes. Also monk is one of those classes that won't "force" you to dualwield as the melee attacks are made by your primary weapon and the class is full of bonuses for a one handed crit character. That was a plus for me Right now I'm trying to decide things about my next character. A Mindstalker (beguiler/assassin or streetfighter) sounds like a fun character, I really like the mobility and the debuffing attacks of the rogue class, but I already finished the game as a Psyblade, so it wouldn't be that much fun imo. Also rogue is pretty much all about it's full attacks, so dual wielding is recommended. Another fun, but maybe weird idea was an Oracle (druid/cipher). I really like the druid lighting spells and mixed with a cipher it kinda made me imagine a protoss/high templar like character from Starcraft with it's psi storms and psi blades.
  6. I agree, they should change the current charm abilities of the ciphers. Whisper of Treason should just confuse instead of charm so Puppet master would be the first ability with the charm effect. Ring leader could stay the same. This idea would fit in nicely with the current "just nerf the ciphers" trend :D
  7. Shattered Pillar Monk/Wizard is my current fav. I just finished my 2nd game and I enjoyed it way more than I did with the previous Devoted/Soulblade. Barbarian looks interesting, but I'm not really a fan of the subclasses. Rogue could be fun and it wouldn't force you to play stealthily. Streetfighter or Trickster could make a great Spellblade with counter attacks, great mobility and various debuff/damage abilities. Also if you plan to use the conjured Spirit Lance you can apply everything a rogue has as an aoe. It's kinda tempting to start a real caster like a wizard/druid. If I don't start a wizard/rogue then I'm sure my next charater will be a wizard/druid... or maybe something else with a monk. :D Helwalker/Wizard would only work if you generate wounds by hurting yourself as it would be such a waste to play a wizard without using it's deflection buffs.
  8. Dunno, I start to think that even Evoker doesn't worth taking over simple wizard with no subclass but way more variety. You won't one shot bosses because you have +1 Power Level or that ~15% doublecast chance.
  9. In the last few days I tried to decide my next character's class and the last two in the lot were the barbarian/wizard and the rogue/wizard. The rogue is definitely nice, has multiple escape/stealth abilities, various ways to increase it's damage output, but the streetfighter for an example has -50% recovery time when bloodied, while the barbarian has +25% action speed (Frenzy) and another +20% action speed after a kill for 10 secs thanks to Bloodlust along with many damage and crit improving bonuses. Action speed bonus means both casting and recovery so it's way better. My only concern was the accuracy on potd level. The fighter>paladin>rogue have accuracy buffs and/or attacks with bonus accuracy while the barbarian only has bonus penetration. Anyway I started my own warlock last night and it feels great so far. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. There are abilities like Into the Fray and items like sparkcrackers that can help you get more enemies in melee range.
  11. Might is deliberately not strength though, which is why it can apply to spells. If you want to have a faster swinging 2h character then increase your dex. The stated idea behind the stat system is to make stats a choice of how players want their character to handle rather than something that just has to match up to their class/weapon. The thing is to me, I don't care how dexterous you are, all the DEX in the work is going to make a weakling able to handle a heavy weapon more quickly. That's what strength is for. I don't care how dexterous you are, if you're a weakling, it's going to be more difficult to pull a bowstring or reset a crossbow's string than if you're strong. Agility will only take you so far. And sometimes what you need to do things more quickly is NOT dexterity, but actual strength. You're thinking in terms of dnd stats, not poe stats. Might is not the same thing as strength. Muscles don't make a lightning bolt spell hit harder. Might is used for both mental and physical strength. So it's also muscles, I mean you use a might check whenever you try to lift a carriage or try to push in a part of a weakened wall.
  12. What do you think about the lvl3 wizard spell called arcane dampener? The description says: "Creates a nullifying field of antagonistic magical energy around the chosen point, suppressing all beneficial effect on enemies in the area of effect." I already tried a few wizard multis like the battlemage or the arcane knight, but usually I picked evoker for the +1 spell level and the minor chance of double cast. Now I'm starting a new character (maybe a warlock or a spellblade) and I thought maybe this time I'll try a generalist mage for more utility. I know this spell makes a roll against will, so it won't help that much against enemy wizards and their deflection buffs, but without a real dispell it sounds like the next best thing. As far as I know you can't craft scrolls for this spell.
  13. I don't really mind the difficulty problems, there are mods for a "quick fix", but I'm not happy about that we have to wait another week or two for a companion relationships - behaviour fix. I would like to enjoy their company, but as they are now they would just annoy me to no end.
  14. well, I hope the dlc will come along with the next pack of bugfix, so I can actually start playing seriously
  15. Not really, especially not really for Castol. In the ending slides they set a research outpost there to study it. But it is insignificant compared to their research at Ukaizo - animancy gets a giant kickstart with VTC and knowledge gained rivals Engwithans themselves. And while for Alvari it is true that VTC is there to get all there is to get in Deadfire and leave, for Castol it's different - VTC is there to stay with permanent settlements and research institutions. When I got there I wasn't really sure about that animancy kickstart part. The engwithan was a civilization beyond measure and they ended up producing the current flawed "gods"... are you sure the current empires of Eora are ready to deal with something like that? I for one wouldn't want to see that power in the hands of anyone ( even tho Castol isn't that bad compared to the others).
  16. It's still very useful for taking a powerful opponent out of the fight. I've just been going through Arkemyr's mansion, and thanks to Whisper of Treason, instead of fighting 3 Iron Constructs at once, I was fighting one, while the other two stood around like idiots occasionally helping me by throwing a punch at the construct I was ganging up on Instead of fighting 3 Iron Contructs at once in Arkemyrs i fought none But yeah i hear ya. =) but lying is bad!
  17. You mean, other than the stacking boost to recovery on hit, up to -20% recovery, so it eventually matches dual wield-recovery rates while being able to attack multiple opponents? That sword is the best weapon in the game, bar none. And you can get it for 3000 gold as soon as you reach Neketaka. It's insane. It's still bugged afaik, so you can only get it if you put it in your game yourself. I'll just wait, my current character is a devoted fighter with longswords anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Most of that melee dps for the wizard/fighter comes from charge and cleave. After playing with various fighter multis I realized that even if fighter is one of the most effective base classes for multis, it's still kinda boring. Now I started a paladin/wizard and I enjoy it a lot more, even with the weaker melee dps or the non-existent melee pbaoe I enjoy the support parts of the class. (also now that I decided to bench both Aloth and Pallegina a paladin/wizard made more sense. :D) I mean... melee dps is mostly from auto attack regardless of class played even a paladin. The pally just replaces stances + barrage with devotion + mark as bread and butter (until late game AOE DPS + resurrect cheese which cant be achieved with multi anyway). Also, its sort of wasteful to use charge for DPS. That is not the best use of discipline. If you want dps, just use barrage. Charge is for movement to take down priests, wizards, druids and ciphers (in that order). For support, the fighter excels at speed and mobility. They can cross a battlefield to tackle casters or to rescue allies. They can pull baddies (and allies), knock down, charge, and engage lots of baddies. All the while putting out respectable DPS. They are lightening fast even with heavy armor thanks to armored grace. The fighter is significantly more active when it matters the most, at the start of combat where he dictates the flow of the battle. They are also effective all game long. The key active abilities are all taken by power level 4 instead of near end of the game when they dont even matter any more. Armored grace is tier 5. Paladins on the other hand are not meant to move. They have no mobility skills and they also lack any hard disables. They make up for this with better defensive passives and heals (at least early on, later the warrior has a better self heal). The few debuffs they have are long cast time/recovery and short duration but most importantly is they dont have a hard disable. Also, the big fancy AOE (sacred immo) does not come until very late in the game and is risky especially, if youre a multi without the resurrection cheese at tier 9. There is nothing wrong with pally. Its a great class and possibly broken OP if you go pure. I built Pelligina this way my 1st game. I especially like Pally because it can easily be handled by AI triggers. Good luck getting the AI to properly decide when to tank and when to charge at casters with a fighter. It cant do it. Fighter is better for solo dps (even more so if you pick devoted) but most of his advantages over others comes from self buffs and passives, while the paladin can support your whole party instead of just himself. I mean yeah disciplined barrage is the single best accuracy buff in the game, but zealous aura isn't that bad if you count in it's for your whole party. Also sworn rival is basically a free ability and even more so with virtuous triumph. It's just like when we talked about fighter/wizard and fighter/cipher, one feels more powerful on his own, but the other one gives you much more choices when it comes to dealing with the enemy and as I mentioned earlier the support parts of the paladin felt just right for my party. I agree the fighter is more active on the battlefield when it comes to mowing down enemies, but charge with it's full attack and cleave stance is for much more than just movement. I wouldn't give the AI control over abilities like charge, just like I won't allow it to freely use other aoe damaging abilities. It can debuff, buff, heal and single target damage just fine, but I will take care of the rest manually.
  19. Most of that melee dps for the wizard/fighter comes from charge and cleave. After playing with various fighter multis I realized that even if fighter is one of the most effective base classes for multis, it's still kinda boring. Now I started a paladin/wizard and I enjoy it a lot more, even with the weaker melee dps or the non-existent melee pbaoe I enjoy the support parts of the class. (also now that I decided to bench both Aloth and Pallegina a paladin/wizard made more sense. :D)
  20. And sending them to hang with the companions is not much better. Even Pallegina, who you'd think would be a bit more responsible is terrible. At first she asks her if she has any duties on the ship, I think even if she gets some education, and Vela says she helps around, swabs decks, and has chores (not sure about education. I think she mentions learning shanties). Then Pallegina proceeds to ask if Vela is small enough to fit in an Imperial Long Gun. Vela asks why, and Pallegina answers something like "Well, someone has to clean them too". WTF, Bird lady?! Yeah, that was the final nail in the coffin of her chances at being my active companion. Now Pallegina swabs the deck and does other chores, so Vela can have fun instead.
  21. I think I read that somewhere just like souls can wander for ages, if left alone, before they find their way to the beyond, the reincarnation process can be done naturally, but it was slow and inefficient before the "gods". That's why they were created to govern certain aspects of life while they take a toll for their work.
  22. For me that would be a good enough reason to not start anything chanter, or only a chanter without the summons. The game is already way too easy.
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