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  1. Dwarf for everyone! (my 1st work on watercolour) i hope you guys enjoy.
  2. Hey guys, o found a realy nicely art of a Dwarf, anyone can help with the watercolours? thx!
  3. Can help-me with my barbarian? i think the barbarian need love as well!
  4. https://imgur.com/a/HvLKIsL https://imgur.com/a/rVWPqps
  5. another patch and still no fix for the wrong beraths blessing skill on rogue
  6. Please, fix the Berath's blessing bug for rogues! i realy want my sleight on hand bonus!
  7. Im in love with this game but, have so many bugs that need to be fixed to improve the gameplay like the scaled level problem, the proble when you reroll roue main character and you lost 1 skill if you are a dual class, or lose the watcher abilities and a lot of other bugs. im not flaming, i just want to know because i want to play but i prefer to play with a smooth game. sry about my english and thx.
  8. Mages are already powerfull, just use your priest well to save your mage, the mage just need the spell range fix. if you played BG series or ANY d20 series you ill now what is a fu**** bad starting mage.
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