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  1. Awesome 360 ad. Was banned though....annoying legal stuff.
  2. Sitting in the college's building minutes before class, and only just now realizing that I forgot to do an assignment from four days ago. ****.
  3. Grats Drab, wish you and your lucky bride many happy years together. Hed P.E., System of a Down, and Kittie - Feel Good
  4. Get this...NWN 2 runs nearly perfectly with everything else enabled, except shadows....and using the amd .exe rather than the normal one. The normal one runs like crap no matter what I do. I have an intel chipset. What the hell?
  5. My Jags won, so I'm happy ^_^. But that Chicago loss sucks....my entire family up north probably didn't take that one too well. So long as they don't make it a habit, da Bears should be ok. One flub during the normal season is all right. Making a flub like that during the playoffs isn't.
  6. Ahem. *Cracks knuckles, cracks neck, coughs a few times, takes a long sip of water, and sets a few papers straight before speaking.* **** the GOP. I don't care if it's illegal or not, this is bull****.
  7. Pajama pants, and a grey t-shirt. ......... (w00t)
  8. I'm currently wondering what Raven means by thanked. Also, playing WoW and wondering how in the hell I became the one all my friends complain or cry to. Really now, getting tired of talking people down from wracking sobs and suidicidal thoughts...
  9. Attachments are your friends. Full images are mine. And WoW is slowly losing its initial appeal. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, says the guy with almost 1000 hours into WoW. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, very slowly losing its appeal.
  10. NWN 2, WoW, and CoD 2. The latter two have been my mainstays for....months now. Needed a new game to play, thanks Obsidian.
  11. Attachments are your friends. Full images are mine. And WoW is slowly losing its initial appeal.
  12. I just selected Planetouched...and hit next, then it gave me a choice between the two.
  13. I just wish it'd stop crashing every time I save a game.
  14. I've got the graphics turned up to the max...it's kinda pretty, but the sheer amount of jaggies is akin to ramming an ice pick into my eyes every time I look at it. The controls are sluggish too, as is the gameplay. Or maybe FPS's and WoW have screwed my perception in that area...
  15. People with the discs have been having similar problems with SecuROM. It's a pain in the ass of a program...
  16. Ok....I got it to work. What's sad, and completely ****ed up, is that I had to crack a game I actually bought. Thank god for people who can make .exe cracks, FFS.
  17. Well, I'm redownloading from D2D. If this doesn't work....I'll go buy a hard copy. $100 for a working game. I hope it's good.
  18. Flyleaf - I'm So Sick Next: Skillet - Falling Inside the Black
  19. "An online activation can not be performed. Please contact your software vendor to manually retrieve your onlock code. PLease make sure, that you have prepared the folloing information: -Registration Code -Unlock request code which is displayed below. After that, please call the number ..." What the **** is this!? I've done everything I can think of and this keeps coming up! Nothing works! I've seen nothing about it over on the Bio boards. For god sakes I just want to play the god damn game I paid money for!
  20. Ugh. It was either this, or wait until the 10th. Bio boards, here I come.
  21. Can anyone tell me what the hell's wrong with the installation of the game? I got it off d2d, now it keeps asking for an activation code and wont let me play the damn game. What's worse, I didn't get an activation code!
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