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  1. Ooh. Yeah, fits in line with my "He's a ****" theory.
  2. I listened to about 45 minutes of it.....it's tripe as far as I'm concerned, but I can understand how it could be taken as a pretty good argument against evolution.....if you know next to nothing about the subject aside from the most basic things (me!). He even used a quote that "They don't use any kind of dating on dinosaur bones aside from their location on the geological table" or some rubbish. I know for a fact that they DO, so that immediately screamed "bull****" to me. Just saying, I can see how it'd be "lapped up". Plus, all the "they're lying to your children, these are lies, they hate the bible, they're destroying your children's faith" **** could contribute to their willingness to swallow every last ounce of his garbage.
  3. What's worse....the bastard's actually making good arguments. Then again, he's a major hypocrite. "They're lying by presenting theories...so I'll present my theories as facts!" Good arguments if you cut out the religious bull****.
  4. Happy belated birthday, astro. You're teh kewlz to me, babe.
  5. Jedi Outcast isn't bad <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Jedi Outcast was average <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was better than Academy. On the list, I'd say they're all good games. RC was a great squad-based FPS in the universe, a personal favorite actually, KotOR is just awesome, EAW is all right (Didn't like the demo too much, though space battles did look interesting) Jedi Outcast was good and fun with high-flying (but seriously easy and simplistic) lightsaber combat, Battlefront is good for mindless killing (The sequel is better, but same basic feel), and SWG is entertaining until you realize it sucks (Took a couple months for me....I loved the theme too much to really think about the lack of real content). All in all, a good list, though I agree, the title should be "Star Wars: The Best of Modern PC". Yoda Stories was teh pwn. (w00t)
  6. That'd explain the tiara and sparkly white dress.
  7. Men? Ugly? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Reindeer...of course.
  8. That law should only apply to half the population.
  9. Yeah, that whole "You're not allowed to kill your neighbor and have sex with his dog" thing is a real kicker.
  10. Mostly focusing on the "I'm deadly serious. When a country is at war, real war, its citizens shouldn't have the luxury of deciding whether they will participate or just take the benefits that others will bestow upon them through their own sacrifice." part. Took it as relating to the primary subject matter, the draft, or just took it upon myself to relate it then make what I thought was a valid point. I was wrong. Edit: Quoted the wrong damn line.
  11. Right. In an ideal world where forced service breeds the best possible fighters. Ask people in the military, I know a few. The general consensus, that I've seen and heard, is that they don't want a draft. It makes for poor soldiers, poor morale, and a considerable increase in mortality rates, not just my virtue of there being more people there to die, but more inexperience, and less ability to actually perform. Who would you want beside you in that fox hole? A drafted soldier who's too scared to move and wishes nothing more than to NOT be there, or a volunteer who's devoted his time and life to the service, keeps his head down, and knows what he's doing. There's a reason most who go into boot camp don't become soldiers. They're deemed incapable of performing up to the exceptional standards of our armed forces. These people are truly the cream of the crop. Throwing someone like me in there would lead to my death and possibly that of other soldiers.
  12. In an ideal world, my fellow forumite, in an ideal world... :'( And who doesn't like those things, or the inherent badassness that comes from surviving training? ^_^ Ok, fine, I'll settle for the ODST corps. Although, being encased in a metal casket, hurtling through a planet's atmoshphere with a strong possiblity that its breaking mechanisms might malfunction does sound a little disconcerting. Then again, I get sweet armor and weaponry....decisions.
  13. I was taping. Next time, don't bring midgets in until AFTER she's sedated.
  14. Canada? A crazy imperialistic war machine? On subject....so long as I'm not on the front lines actually killing people (and I can't get out of the country before I'm drafted) I'd do whatever I could do to lessen the death toll on both sides. Like being an officer and conveniently not hearing the command to slaughter our prisoners because of "garbled transmissions". Anything really.. There will be death, and lots of it, whether I go or don't, so why not do what you can?
  15. Welcome to the boards, Diego. Mind the open flames and you should be fine (or at least come out just singed, rather than a charred black skeletal husk....). Have a sense of humor too, don't take things too seriously, and always look before you leap. I should take my own advice. Oh, and Merry early Christmas to you too. P.S. Watch out for Sand, he's got those crazy eyes, if you know what I mean. :ph34r:
  16. Happy belated birthday, Krook. And I'm listening to Breaking Benjamin, surfing the boards, and wondering why I'm not out chatting up girls...
  17. Once again, and I know I've said this before, while I really like this community (And the strange, hysterical, and flat out disturbing **** that comes from it) it bothers the **** out of me that some of you can be bigger jackasses than I am. That's an accomplishment, believe me. On topic: In my universe, everyone would get a free kitten.....only the kittens would be set to explode five years later. Why, it'd be...Nuclear ****!
  18. Tactical use of physics (Pushing a dryer off a ledge onto a Combine soldier) is a pretty big advancement. It opens numerous avenues one can take in one's approach to killing (Gravity Gun+Length of Pipe=Win). It should also be noted that advancing the FPS genre is a little difficult to do, being that the core game play is still walking around in first person view and shooting things.
  19. Doggie. Female or both. Mainly female for some reason. Especially in WoW (NE Butt FTW). My server must be strange....seems like most people just assume all female characters are dudes until proven otherwise.
  20. I give it 'till Friday. My life is meaningless all right. And exciting too. ) :'(
  21. My pup's gone. And yeah, the 1100 hours in WoW may be a clear sign that I need to change something in my lifestyle. ....Anyway, I'm gonna go play WoW now.
  22. Dreading the call that they've put my puppy down....well, puppy is stretching it for a 13 1/2 year-old. But she's my puppy. Anywho. I'm also panicking over a couple tests I have to make up for math in an hour or two, a boat load of home work I need to do, literally, it's built up over weeks of just forgetting or ignoring that fact that I even had it due. I'm also also panicking about this 10 page history final that's due....some time soon, that I have no idea what in the hell to write about. Also also also panicking over the fact that if I fail one of these classes I'm screwed for next term and will either have to wait for the next one, or take a job or something and dear god this got complicated quickly. Why didn't anyone tell me I actually had to motivate myself during college? Arrrrgh! My usual blow things off and pull of a miracle approach is too damned stupid and risky for this sort of thing. By comparison, high school was a walk i nthe park. It's not that the classes are hard either, on the contrary, quite easy, just getting all this at once that's the kicker. And I know it's my fault, so I really have no one to complain at but myself....but damn! I need an attitude adjustment, if I do fail, it'll probably be for the best, I've gone too long without any consequences for my irresponsibility. I need a shock to knock me back into my senses, apparently. ...This still sucks though.
  23. Good god...that was.....fun to watch. I'm in the abuse of power crowd on this one. The guy was on his knees, in hand cuffs, clearly not a threat....and he gets tasered. For Pixies:
  24. Bingo. You remembered. :'( And.....ok, yeah, I'd like the guy to be beaten to a fine, mushy pulp. But in prison, he'll find out what it's like to be on the receiving end, real quickly.
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