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  1. For a game that doesnt really concern the jedi on as personal a level as KOTOR and its upcoming sequel, might I suggest Star Wars: Republic Commando? Or Star Wars: Battlefront? Both shooters, I know, but your not a jedi...In the very least.
  2. I liked the one about the grandpa....other than that....wtf?
  3. It makes sense to me...I don't see why you shouldn't get to pick the portrait...I mean, you did play with a specific one throughout the entire first game.
  4. One quick thing I'd like to get out there...Why be restricted to the d20 rules? Aren't games and other things, much better when they're original, and not just a repeat of something done prior to them? Hell, I say, let the guy be a Kobold in NWN if he wants to. Let the player decide what's best for them, not a collection of rules.............I'm done.....Oh wait....one other thing... The violence level of KOTOR...was a little lacking, even for a Star Wars game, but in TSL, you get to make people crush into a ball......I think that's a welcome addition for the violent types.......and those of us who appreciate the sound of cracking bones... *cough*
  5. Comon man what is wrong with seeing yoda's head at the end of a well sharped spear. And even if younger kids could see that. If they are old enought to play kotor and actually understand what their doing they can see dismemberment. I played Dukenukem back in the 90's and i dont think im more mentaly disturbed than any other. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wow, ur pretty far gone then man
  6. Violence is wrong..........But so, so right! Well, to an extent of course, if it gets out of hand, it becomes...how can I put this delicately...STUPID AS ****!! Ahem...I think there should be dismemberment, as an option, I mean, younger kids played KOTOR too ya know. They don't need to see yoda's head go twenty feet in the air, now do they?
  7. Hate isn't killing us all....it's helping me to grow as a human being.......you rat bastards....
  8. Two things... First thing: Lumenadducere....you scare me... :ph34r: Second thing: Personally, I liked all the characters from KOTOR, whether they were useless in combat or not (*cough* zaalbar *cough*). Each of them were interesting in their own right........plus, Mission, Juhani, and Bastilla were kinda hot....................what?.........WHAT? Ahem....................................leave me alone....
  9. No way man, no Revan prequel set up like a Final Fantasy game. Those games are all well and good, if you like that type of thing....which I kind of do, but the main point of a true RPG is CHOICE. Being able to choose your path...it was what made KOTOR a big hit.
  10. i think it's my card that's the problem...ah well...
  11. The bugs really got to me, and a lot of them were big enough that they shouldn't have gotten past testers...but, what can ya do, games out and patched...not as well as it should be though... Anybody else get lines down character's faces on the PC? Nothing I do fixes it...
  12. An apprentice would be nice...but I don't think I could handle 'em whining at me all the time. "Master, I want to do this, I want to do that, waa waa waa-" Shut up and get back in the speeder!
  13. I can safely say that, though KOTOR had some diverse maps of medium size, it just wasn't enough for me. It got old after awhile, still pleasing in that, "wow, exotic" way, but not quite so much after the fifth time through them. Obsidian is making bigger maps, and they seem to be as diverse as the originals, but the idea you've got would make one hell of a difference in replay value...IMHO...
  14. Personally, I liked the story from KOTOR 1...of course, I never play a DSer or anything because well, I've got morales....damn...morales....and.........yeah, I liked the story, 'Plot twist that was visible from space' aside.
  15. Hmmm...Double for me...Its just cool seeing those two beams flashin' around.
  16. Blasphemy!!!! Thou Shalt Notheth Includeth Multi-playereth! Seriously, bad idea man. No offense of course, but I just happen to not agree with it.
  17. Good god....look at that thing................................... I want her number. Oh wait...yeah, poll thing. I'd say Mon Cal, Kel Dor, or Selkath (just so i could listen to that weird croaky voice)....
  18. Wasn't Palpatine, the emperor, all undead looking...you know, greenish skin, all cracking and what not with red eyes (or yellow, i cant really remember). Vader was the same way, injuries alone dont make u all pale and weird looking like that...right? Anyway, I agree with the main point, there should be some type of visual notification if the PC is LS, after all, its pretty drastic when your DS.
  19. First: Why the meanness people? lol Second: Whoops, editing....damn...not...ability....to.....around...look...thing. Anyway, try.....looking around a bit more, fan sites possibly?
  20. First off, good point, I don't like losing previously learned abilities for the sake of aquiring another, more powerful one that doesn't improve on the other's specific traits...Wow, it really seems like I'm trying to seem intelligent.......is it suspicious that I brought that up unprovoked? Ahem, secondly, knock off the childishness people, lets be adults here...........or semi-adults....above 4th grade...yeah, that sounds right. I think...
  21. As the title says, I have here a few suggestions I think would make KOTOR 2 a better game and therefore, a better gaming experience. If any of these ideas are talked about in the FAQs...I apologize, I can't seem to find them........so I'm an idiot....so... 1. Would it be possible to have a wider variety of armor choices? I mean like full body armor, including helmets (like the sith soldiers wear), lighter robes, heavier robes, etc. 2. I'd like blasters to be more useful than in the previous game, since once you reached a certain point, they became only sources of income. Lightsabers are cool and all, but a bolt of pure energy to the back of a persons head can do can do damage equal to that of a saber...IMHO... 3. Could the Player have the option of being a different race? Please!? I've got no problem with humans, but the choice would do much to further the games replayability (If you were to alter scripts and things of NPC's to reflect their like or dislike of the PC's race, or hell, you could even add race specific side quests. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.) 4. More minigames! I liked the turret game, as well as the swoop racing and would like to see other, similar or not so similar, distractions such as those. (How about being able to actually pilot a starfighter into instances of combat, ala the X-wing series.) 5. Multiple love interests for both sexes please...(Pretty self explanatory...right?) 6. An ability to pick or customize your lightsaber's hilt, along with more variations in color for the blades. 7. This is the final one, and the most important...unless you count the one in bold *cough* obvious *cough*. CHOICES!!!! MANY MANY CHOICES!!! MORE CHOICES!!!! LOTS OF CHOICES!!! After all, what greater ability does man have than the ability to choose. All right, I'm done...be kind people, kinda new here...
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