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  1. Arm myself. Find and organize anyone I could. Head to the local police station, or our nearby Air Force base, and dig in. Once we establish a defensive fortification we start the war.
  2. More for socializing than playing really.......I have a problem. And that wasn't my real desktop. I'd have to edit mine for it to be acceptable on the fora. )
  3. That IS nice tile. Also, why does it look plastic..like?
  4. Hit the printscreen key. Go into paint, hit ctrl+V. There ya go. Mine.
  5. Excellent supporting argument, Volo. ) And on topic, I actually think pixie is onto something. I mean, that scenario's been in tons of movies....like From Dusk 'Till Dawn. It had Salma Hayek and George Clooney. Therefore, it must be true!
  6. Pixiestick presents a good point. Accidents, however grave and terrible, are also part of human nature. A lot of assumptions have been made. Think for a second of the things you've done in the heat of the moment and came to regret once realization of your actions hit. I'm usually in the "What? He murdered a baby!? String him up by his internal organs!" crowd, but lately I've been wavering from it. There are simply too many variables and too many elements of humanity that one must take into account to determine true intent. I've heard plenty of parents admit that, at one time or another, they felt they were perfectly capable of taking their child's life. Granted, they didn't take that extra step, but an obvious degree of control was exerted to avoid doing so.... However, if he was thinking "That's it, I'm killing the baby." Then **** him, let him swing. Society has enough problems without that kind of disease writhing within it.
  7. I hope they revoke her license (...or whatever the hell aides have to get) and don't allow her near little kids for a while. Thinking a small child hugging and nuzzling against you is sexual harrassment is just a bit....er, how should I say this......****ing moronic.
  8. Not once have I said they weren't. A good deal are asshats, some are good about it. My point...they play a damn game, and make millions! It's wrong! So wrong! ....Ah well, when's the next Jags game? :D And Drabek.................lmfao!
  9. It's a GAME! A GAAAAME! Also, Jags... Colts bitch-slap, ftw.
  10. They play a GAME! A game! They get paid more than doctors, teachers, and top ranking political officials, combined, for a game! Ahem. Jags...
  11. LoneWolf16


    It looks awesome. I'll see it. American perspective my ass. Want a movie that doesn't have an American edge to it? Don't watch war movies made in America. Simple. Secondly, judge the movie on its own merits, not on the psycho who created its basis. If it's meant to be a high flying action movie, and you expect a dramatic love story so judge it based on that, you're an ****, and you need to die. And stop with the anti-american ****. We know you don't like America. Got it. Check. List's apparently done, as that seems to be one of the only things you have a problem not bitching about. The movie has an interesting style, and an interesting premise. Leave it at that.
  12. More or less. Ok, actually more. Of course not, this is an internet forum, and I'm a teenager. Those two things do not an easy discussion make. Glad we could come to an agreement though. ^_^
  13. It's a distinct, and massive loss of personal freedom. It's a straw-drawing event, sure, for an entire age group, but it is still stripping those people of that base freedom.
  14. To be clear, my only complaint is that I'd be forced (the key word) to serve, in the land of the "free". If you're going to advocate or support forced military service, then stop using the word freedom when you talk about it. Were it a major threat to my country, my family, my friends, and all I hold dear, I'd sign up myself and fight to the best of my ability if it came to it. I don't owe my country a damned thing. I owe the people who volunteer my respect. They're obviously made from stronger stuff than myself, otherwise I'd be out in the desert right now rather than attending college. If it were a threat, say WWIII, I'd have to join some facet of the military, not because I'm forced to, but because I'd rather not see everyone I know and love being nuked.
  15. Muskets vs. M1A2 Abrams Not gonna be pretty.
  16. Yes, purely because the MILLIONS of free citizens who volunteered their lives in order that you might live in a free country. In their name, you owe the ideals for which they fought allegiance. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The hypocrisy is stifling. ) And Kroney wins the thread.
  17. Well yeah, I did it especially for you, bud.
  18. Um. Let's see... lone - adj. - 1. being alone; without company or accompaniment; solitary; unaccompanied: a lone traveler. Age at time of account's creation = 16 Thinking about changing it, to like...my xfire name or something.
  19. Just record them, like with the Windows Sound Recorder, and attach them to your post, if you want to go the simplest route. Otherwise, use a file hosting server and link 'em up. Devil Went Down to Georgia! (w00t)
  20. Well, I was going through my old posts and topics....because I'm bored as all hell, and found the picture thread, and at the end there was a bit of singing done by myself and TN. Granted, mine was, um, more of an assault on the auditory senses, but still. Just like to see if this takes off or falls flat so I'd like to start the Obsidian Karaoke thread! If it's been done already, that person went forward in time somehow and stole my idea...it's the only explanation. (Go ahead, prove it didn't happen. ) For that reason, and WoT seems to be suffering from a dirge of boring topics....so I figured I'd add one more to it. ) Just throw something out there, anything, if you think it sucks then whatever, it's all in good fun. I'll post something later today once I get into a position where I actually can if it's needed to get things started. Also, for some reason, I really want to hear Hades-Sand's renditon of Gamer Girl.
  21. That's slightly disturbing there, night. Only slightly. Which, to me, is even more disturbing. Anywho....someone agrees with me on the drafting thing (How drafting leads to a much less effective fighting force), and it's not as OT as a few here seem to think. Is it really that wrong and unpatriotic to not want to be forcibly made to fight in a war you want no part of or just don't believe in? That's what it comes down to; forced servitude, which is not what this country stands for.
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