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  1. Good to see some people actually doing something in that situation. Though the sentence was a little light for my tastes, considering the crimes.
  2. I've consumed a vast quantity of an alcoholic beverage. I'm experiencing an odd sense of lightness, my speech is slurring, and I've got a strange desire to make sweet yet animalistic love to the next female I see, which will surely end in a premature climax on my part and a major disappointment for said female. Also, there's a cactus with a bulls eye on it for me to hit at this current moment, I bid you all adieux. No really, fully drunk. I'm gone, completely. It's a wonder that I'm even capable of typing this. Prove I'm not. Go on....prove it. Edit: Go on. Prove it.
  3. *sigh* ...........Ok, I went a full three seconds without going to Google. It's a new record. Baby steps. Ok, it was only two seconds. Are you happy now?
  4. Worlds apart. Same habits. Now to get to the main building early, do the math assignment I've had two days to work on, and somehow manage to finish a rough draft for an english paper....all in a couple hours. Fun stuff. Makes it interesting. Never a dull moment. I think I might cry. )
  5. Breaking Benjamin - Water Next: Breaking Benjamin -
  6. I only have problems with shadows turned on and running the game using the main nwn2.exe. I use the nwn2_amdfx.exe (Or whatever it is) on all the highest settings, except for shadows, and it runs damned fine. Only problem is that I don't have an AMD chipset. I'm running a 1900xt 512 MB with 2gb of memory and frankly, I'm amazed that I'm having so many problems with the game. Hell, even Oblivion ran very well on full settings with 4x AA and 8x AF. Overall, I'd give it an 8/10 so far. It seems very interesting, but I havent been able to pry myself away from other games just yet. Anybody having a problem with a black box covering the text/chat box at the bottom left? It's driving me crazy to not be able to see anything in there because of it.
  7. People who can't relax and worry over every little detail like their lives depended on them being just right. Relax. Breeeathe. It's not that important that you should drive yourself to distraction over it.
  8. If I were your employee, Walsh, I'd come in late every day just to get a good thrashing.
  9. Skillet - Those Nights Remember when we'd Stay up late and we'd talk all night In the dark room lit by the TV light Through all the hard times in my life Those nights kept my alive Listen to the radio play all night Didn't wanna go home to another fight Through all the hard times in my life Those nights kept me alive So it's corny and the writing sucks....I identify with it. Mostly 'cause I'm corny and I suck.
  10. Yeah, I was wondering that too....didn't that guy who killed Ben die in the first one?
  11. Hey....you.....................I......... :'(
  12. A water bottle. And black dress socks.
  13. I both hate, and love you, oh mystical Volo. Your radiance, though almost assuredly rooted deeply in the muck and mire of trolldom, is obviously somthing much, much more. He is Volo. There can be only one. I'm sorry, but I have to cut off your head to gain your power....any last words? Ahem. NWN 2 feels more like K2 to me.
  14. *leaves his headphones in, and stares blankly* Yes to everything you just said.
  15. ........... *fap* Impatient drivers.
  16. ......... (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Stop with the stalker thing, it's an internet persona. And a boring one. An orange t-shirt and my pride. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That was stalkeringish? Also, I really do want you to rub the lotion on your skin. Or else you get the hose again. Jeans and a t-shirt. Original, I know.
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