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  1. do beta testers get anything special in game after the release like realy cool multi-colored robes, or something?
  2. your lucky i've never gotten these scenes
  3. I agree, I liked Telos surface, but i hated the Citadel Station. Nar Shadaa however, was colorless and blocky. Yes i enjoyed SPOILER: throwing the weak minded minions into the center, it was empty compared to what it should of been. In KOTOR 3 it should be much more bustling.. kind of like new york. well see apart from korriban, and dantooine we could go to the same planets and end up in compleatly diferent areas, there are hundreds of modules on cidital station, nar shaddaa is one plant city, iziz goes on for HUNDREDS of miles
  4. it is possible, kriea, the council, everyone is either ambigous or dosn't really have a clue as to why the exile regains control over the force
  5. also i think she wanted to rid the galaxy of sion, nihilus, and their sith followers
  6. man i'm gone two days and everything dies
  7. the airspeeder is great for influence but i find that its lost of its usefulness
  8. see, i always take mira, atton and visas or hk, i would recomend sing mandalore with twin melee weapons(you choose) have baodur armed with a rifle or disruptor of some sort or twin mando rippers, and have visas have two lightsabers and max out on insanity and/or storm
  9. weird i just never get anything from them, thats why i was disappointed with the cave in this game
  10. i'm just really woried about the quality, i don't want hissing or other problems
  11. that happens to mys best friend on k1 for some reason
  12. I do. It was boring going through it again and watching how everything you did in K1 mattered zippo and was turned to ashes. Oh, and it was rehashed - always a no-no. And every bit of Malachor except for the plotted encounters sucked. Not because it looks bad, but because it's designed and plotted terribly, full of stupid storm beasts and batallions of noname, random sith lords... Except for Sion and Traya, it was a pointless, insulting hack-fest I hate Citadel Station but enjoy the rest of Telos, so that balances out for me. Never hated Peragus, however. A little dull and too many droids, but still better than Citadel Station in my book. i loved dantooine because it was big time continuity from the first game, citadal station telos
  13. but they arn't in the eggs in this game
  14. yes, but that is mostly because i refuse to pay for anything, so i am constantly frusterated with a lack of free contents, well no mechquest just frusterates me with broken enimies
  15. when did i say anytrhing about a glitch? all i said was what are they equipped with? is that so wrong?
  16. That's gotta be the funniest thing I've ever seen. umm, i dont get it
  17. One word: resolution. only for female exile, and still it really still isn't a good ending for the game, and i don't think it resolves anything atton confess his love, then dies, isn't traya still alive at this point?
  18. what kind of mic would you recommend
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