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  1. she really is the best written female character ever
  2. how do you get bao dur to be a jedi? i knew only about Handmaiden. just talk to him a bunch
  3. and what is the context of the quote (I.E is this a response to a particlear action you did?)
  4. i cant get t3 to shoot, the game makes me solve it
  5. yeah it takes a really drastic bug to warrent a reinstall
  6. yes but is it really worth it there isn't a point to racing in the second game, its basically for fun
  7. people say that alot yet i still found sion near impossible some times, traya is easy but sion is a beast
  8. really i never noticed it who do you talk to
  9. so am I, i just reload my save and on the third or forth time it works
  10. really i do just fine without it, there really are to many mostly useless powers and feats
  11. i was unaware that was an option i thought you had to solve a puzzle
  12. Actually, I've always jokingly referred to Kreia as mommy, because she's just so motherly toward the Exile the whole damn game. I don't approve of you being too lightsided. I don't approve of you being too dark sided. I don't like the way you've been hanging out with all the girls (if you're a male Exile). So her wanting SO much for the Exile (and I truly believe she loves you, too), but abandoning Brianna, w/o a single thought seems weirdly inconsistant to me. Sure, the Exile's a wound in the force, and Brianna just you run-of-the-mill Jedi, but, what? she does now that you mention it
  13. i thought shaak ti was pretty before this
  14. maybe, i know what your refering to and that is similar but i'm not sure
  15. is this script somewere, id like to read it, also if someone has a difinitve list of content that was totally cut (in no shape or form made it into the game) id also like to read that, someone mentioned a long time a go something about over 1000 pages of content but they didn't give a like to it.
  16. see i don't care about the combat, just the stoy, that being said i play the game thru the fist time without cheats then i tweak it to have fun
  17. yyes it makes sense, but if its true you need to pay attention to some very subtle details
  18. i think critical strike is better then a stun stick
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