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  1. juust be rally nice to her, don't insult her, help her with her mother oh and me a guy.
  2. i always thought visas had to have two vibroblades for that to work
  3. i find a good reinstall fixes most things
  4. but there isn't two handed wapon feat just Two Weapon and Dueling feats naither one affcts a single double edged weapon
  5. i got royally messed up on malachor when mira wouldn't appear, i had to start all over again
  6. wait they started making k2 before k1 was finished?
  7. when you install the game, it does a scan and this is one of the things it checks.
  8. i think what kriea wanted from the exile was that he would just walk away from that scene, agreeing with them or killing them really ticked her off
  9. im sorry idont get what your getting at
  10. kill the engineer model, and please get rid of the nico model on iziz
  11. duel sabers or single bladed, i was really disapointed that there was a double bladed weapon feat, like the dueling or two handed weapons feats.
  12. 1. idon't think the movies run at the same definition as the rest of the gam 2. i didn't think the game itself ran at 1600x1200, mine only goes to 1280x something
  13. yeah in my game both baodur and atton are always invisible, however i've never had a black screen come up.
  14. i don't think ive heard of this problem before
  15. i wonder if revan would feel as the council did about the exile.
  16. yes but i don't think you can call her "Gray", i don't think jolee, would agree with her.
  17. yes the darth traya numa dance at the end of the credits cause shes happy
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