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  1. Its been a while, eh? Believe me, I've improved. GREATLY. I've added my newest sig to my signature, and, I'm quite pleased with the results. If anyone would like to have a signature made (not just by me, but by anyone else that remotely has talent in making sigs) please, feel free to ask.
  2. Looking for anyone with some skill with modding K1 and TSL. And the Poll is just there to waste bandwidth *j/k* If I could fix it I would, but as I inherited the branch just yesterday, and I'm not the original owner, I'm not sure as how to fix it
  3. Hello. I am a representative of the Canyon Workshops Team. You may or may not of heard of it. The link is Canyon Workshop? There, there are a few projects for K1, TSL, and both. Also, a chatbox where many a forum members chat about stuff. Usually random.
  4. Yeah they do. But then the makers don't have to make it, and the testers get to make it themselves
  5. George Lopez? Not sure if thats what you want.
  6. Beer - Psycho Stick I like beer 'cause its good I drink beer 'cause I should They say beer makes you dumber It are go good with pizza! Good ol' Beer
  7. Ain't it strange: 1) how people say they gonna halp out when disaster strikes, but when it comes, they go "OH NOES! RUN AWAY!" 2) How people always take into account the deaths of the world, but never the births? I mean, it situations like this and "Fight to Stop Tobacco" they make it sound like every woman in the world has reached menopause or are infertile. Between this cyclone and now, I think babies have replaced them. (Just sayin') Just further proof that our government and solders are corrupted
  8. And I've seen a lot of necroposts I vote... MIRA! (BTW, you should replace the ??? with other for any, as I find Luxa... >_>)
  9. In those words, I wonder how he would fit his head through the door
  10. Err.. That didn't make sense at all. Did you use a translator?
  11. We ALL remember what happened with the Star Wars game Christmas release back in '04 4 years later, TG would do something that the people who ruined this game did? Doubt it Not too much longer, ya'll!
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