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  1. so weird i had to type all my cheats in with each character individually, it was funny having kriea invul, and exile keep dying
  2. KotOR 2 romances pwn KotOR 1 ones easily how, and in what way?
  3. after 25 the game goes all messy with allignments
  4. That came out worded wrongly, almost demanding you play both genders. That was not my intention. :blush10: It was supposed to say "This is one of the few games almost require that you play through as either gender". I have no idea how that 'I' got in there. But I'm glad you decided to play both anyway. oh, you need to play it at least four times if not the maximum 1152 variations
  5. in thought npcs couldn't crab things or talk to people anyway.
  6. but there was nothing but a broken dungeon on telos,yes ondern/dxun are both great i feel mentally and physically drained every time i play through nar shaddaa, ironically i liked the mira quest, malachor= migraine
  7. is fraps worth it, i was thinking of buying it
  8. true, but how about visas and mira then?
  9. i think if go-to was a diferent shape he'd be better.
  10. He, or she, thinks he, or she, glitched his, or her, file(s). i did that once, all i did was install my game and it really messed up, but i reinstalled and everything was fine, don't know what caused the error
  11. atris like most jedi needs a good shrink
  12. but what if you don't speak the language that comes with the game?
  13. i liked cidital station but not telos.
  14. its her own fault for keeping sith artifacts so close to her person
  15. plus atris deludes herself in thinking she is a saint, but she's worse then most, telling nihulus were the jedi are so he can killl them.
  16. the thing about korriban is just that its an abandoned wastland, a ruin atesting the chaos revan made when he/she left
  17. i'm afraid i don't understand, shouldn't the file be in your game?
  18. i didn't know they made language patches
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