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  1. i think it is way cool that the moderators, know portugese
  2. yes i am currently tring to get a hold of all the cut content that never made it into the game, if anyone has a link id really appriciate it
  3. i think ill just see if team gizka dosn't fix my issue
  4. i think your trying to push whay to much out of your graphics card
  5. i like nivdia, though i think thats my problem with this game i have the 7100
  6. actually, no, think of it as when you start out everyone in all the classes took the same basic training, then you train in your class so its like (Jedi) jedi consular 1, see were i'm going with this
  7. yes, that is an important video, it is the first clue that kreia, is hiding something
  8. well check it out that could be your problem right there
  9. also if it is legal, try reinstalling windows, i've never gotten an error message but there have been times it won't uninstall for no reason
  10. so do i and the writing in k2 is way better
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