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  1. i always felt as though something was cut from there aswell
  2. actually i truly had no clue as to what he was going on about, but seriously i didn't know you could run the game with out the cd i know games like EAW did that but not kotor
  3. Is this an actual error or is it just that the graphics are having problems
  4. how old is the exile, cause mira seems to tell us she/he is old
  5. there really are alot of xbox files in there down to the tutorial(prologue)
  6. how do you know obi-wan was 25 i thaought he was about 19-20
  7. that is another thing my compomter hates is smoke, iand mines, if i run into 20 mines at once it crashes
  8. i always thought it would have been very cool if the npcs could have had there own little romances.
  9. doh, i never even thought of downgrading, that might work
  10. yes i have dual core and BEFORE the title sceen it will crash twice, always
  11. are all your drivers updated, also don't be to hasty in asuming that if you have the newest graphics card then it will work k2 is SOOO temremental in its requirements
  12. yeah but carth seemed i btit old for reven when you compare carth/reven bastila/reven
  13. huh? iwas just trying to be funny
  14. yeah! i love pazzak , that was much better in k2
  15. He was. One reason is that there are very few places in the game to gain influence with him. IIRC, it's impossible to get 100 influence with him, unless you cheat or gain influence by killing the innocent (though he doesn't always respond positively to that). There isn't much point though, as his high influence "revelation" was apparently also dropped from the game IIRC. I think the most you can is to get him to admit that he travelled with Revan during the Jedi Civil War (= events of KotOR1). Once he tells you that story, he has nothing more to say you mean the revelation were he takes off his helmet and it turns out to be canderous, and he tells you that he was maddly inlove with bastila and that reven didn't go into the unkown regions he was actually warped to harry potter land to help kill voldemort?
  16. what does that have to do with the exile?
  17. i only got the game in august of 06, somehow i feel like i missed something Does it really matter when I bought the game or what I do with it after that, I periodically try to update it to see if there are any patches that resolve the issues. I was kinda hoping that there would be something solid that I could find, error logs in the install folders, maybe some entries in eventviewer but nothing and its infuriating, probably exaccerbated more by the fact that I was actually able to play the game for a while last nite until it decided to fall over again, which is what prompted the outburst earlier and if I offended anyone then I am sorry that wasnt my intention, I just vented. My problems are the following movement suddenly stops for no apparent reason, although other keys work, I found that I could save the game at that point and restart it and it would behave for a while longer, which at least allowed me to get some of the way thru the game itself. The one I havent found a way around is the point where I had to give up, which where I have finally got into the space suit at the mining facility and walked along a bit, past the little cut scene with the guy who was in the detention tube thing. If I remember rightly to get to the dorms u have to start going down again on the walkway and it turns thru 90 degrees and continues downwards. This is the one I cant get past at all, suddenly Im floating unable to move except to spin on an axis, the one time I have been able to move the movement is manic and uncontrolable and I ended up all the way back at the other end of the walkway again. It would be nice to see that there was some logging somewhere but I cant find anything at all I have updated the drivers from nvidia for both graphics and chipset to the M$ certified ones, dont really want to use the others on there if I can help it. I have attached a dxdiag, I am pretty sure everything is up to date driverwise etc but if anyone can see a problem in there then I would appreciate it. try lowering your screen resolution, blobby but smoother graphics also how good is your power scource cause that will effect the maxiumum graphics-speed ratio that you can run
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