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  1. but he says like nothing and hes a glutton for punishment
  2. evryone complains about goto but i don't see him as a "bad" character he is just a droid like t3
  3. it would be cool to find out how much stuff never ever made it into the game in any form, and was just down on paper
  4. but with mira you can actually make her a ds/ls jedi
  5. but every now and then it is cool to take a break, i wish there were more mini games like this.
  6. i think it was supposed to be a quest on every world origianlly
  7. you can be good, go get mira and then turn her evil however,
  8. no, he isn't a gand gand are insect like, fuzzy-man is a chadra-fan with a long name
  9. you can ask the furry in the corner and for 5 credits he will tell you
  10. theres one on peragus, one on telos, 2 on nar shadda, and one on dantooine
  11. thats all i thought you also had to talk to vogga aswell
  12. i do have vista, and it makes me load my game 2-3 times before it runs is there a reason why?
  13. so if my charisma was at 24 then everyones alignment would be fine cause it really bugs me having lawfulgood pc and everyone else shows dakside mastery and they get more messed up everytime i get ds ls points.
  14. are there different animations for each?
  15. yes she was i'm not sure why they cut her out of korriban but she is also on m4-78
  16. it seemed like after afile the normal enemys seemed to increase in dificulty not just bosses+jedis but even connoks
  17. it'd be funny if you could plague or insanity them HAHAHAHAHa
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