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  1. this is the first time ive heard of k1 having problems
  2. yeah, the writing in k2 is so much better i realy am in awe sometimes, kriea has to be the best written female game character ever, and one of the best period.
  3. its supposed to be a cut-scene with atris
  4. a screenshot would help though, also is this a: hack, or forign copy of the game?
  5. Well, there's one thing you'll have in common with the developers. (As for your problem... I got nuttin. Good luck.) "smacks head on desk"
  6. The thing is, the more useful (& cool) part of force jump is that you can jump & cover a distance, and that makes normal force jump & Master jump almost even. And, you can get a free bonus force jump on Thon's robe, which is in TSL's databank, available in a lot of mods, although if you play without mods you'll have to rely on your luck. Thon's robe also gives a free Force Focus, but Force focus is completely different from Master Focus. Actually for the skill part, you can max out your teammates' strong skills (i.e. Visas has high stealth, treat injury & awareness from the start, max them out) and let your teammates create upgrade packs for you. Of course you cannot create on Ebon Hawk in this way, but the workbench @ Nar Shaddaa docks, or Telos entertainment module is good enough. The point is, there are things in the game that you have to do them yourselves. Persuade of course--and it becomes much more important in TSL; Treat injury is always nice even with the existence of master heal, in the end a life support pack does much more than master heal. Awareness is also critical for some plots. You also need to repair T3 yourselves. Oh, that is impossible. 1000 skill points means 20 per level, you'll have to have around 30 base intellect to do that. Unless it is a weird mod or bug that I've never heard of.... i don't know how i did it, i just did
  7. as sentinali onetime ended up with over 1000 skill points and i couldn't use them
  8. my game dosn't crash there but it has crashed like three time when i enter the cantina after getting the droid parts
  9. IIRC, the only time in the game that Nihilus' name is actually mentioned is in the description of the Nihilus mask. I don't think his name is ever mentioned at any point during the conversations of the game. Now, obviously neither Atris nor the jedi masters know anything about him, but both Sion and Kreia do and could have mentioned the name. But they don't, and it probably happens to add to his mystery, since it plays to some of the unwritten rules of horror, where the undefineable or unknownable is often called upon to stir up tension, usually by referring to either a "thingless name" or a "nameless thing". Nihilus speaks to both in a sense. He has "thingless name" because the name literally means nothing - there is no substance to this entity, and you have no idea of his goals or thoughts, if any. By not ever mentioning his name, he also becomes a "nameless thing" dramatically, since he is omnipresent in the game - everybody talks about him. Kreia tells us how he must be stopped or he will consume the galaxy, Visas does pretty much the same, and the masters tell us he will consume the jedi and threaten not just the galaxy but the force itself - Nihilus is in every corner of the plot, but he never appears in person, nor is he ever defined through a name, which adds to the mystery and horror that surrounds him. He has been criticised for that reason for being an un(der)developed and boring character, but in my book it's good writing and the critics miss a lot of Nihilus' flavour and character. Yes, he's undefined, but he has to be - you cannot define a force of nature. And his presence is essential to the Exile's problem, and the connection between them is always there between the lines. I really liked Nihilus - as a Sith Lord he was far more scary than brutes like Sion or Malak. no don't get me wrong he IS way spookier and more interesting than sion or malak, at least malak, i mean he is a sith that really can't control his power and thats never happened before, sion thrives on controling his power.
  10. yeah he is almost funnier than hk, i wish he talked more on the ship
  11. sion would go and kill me in one hit sometimes
  12. i can robably remember all of his lines by heart
  13. no problem post you story when it is done
  14. ill have to try it and see, one thing that really bugged me about this game is did anyone ever mention nihlus by name? or was the first time you figure out what he is called is when you fight him?
  15. i was wondering if anyone knew where K1/2 script was cause i mean it is fun to listen to dialog, but id like to read the actual scipt with scene directions and everything, id also like to read everthing that was cut out, and just made it to the "Planning" stage of the game
  16. oh, i find sion impossible, and traya a pushover, but then of couse i ignore her lightsabers
  17. yeah the first time i finished the game i had no prstige class but i thought it was because i reached over 50/50 after lv15 and i got the darkside ending, if you go 50/50all the way through does vissas/nihilus never show up?
  18. Come on guys! We can make it! To 1000? i say it again dosn't it suck that this game was released in such poor shape i mean 1000! that is rediculous
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