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  1. Okay,thank you. Where can I find that? here www.radgametools.com/miles.htm
  2. i only got the game in august of 06, somehow i feel like i missed something
  3. i really would like to help this guy
  4. you can warp form wookiee villiage to ebon hawk but other then that no warping in kashhyyk
  5. is bg2 a good game and do i need to play the first in order to understand it same question with NWN2
  6. if you wan5t to just listen to them download miles reader
  7. oooh, and maybe kriea will show up as a clone, in that the sith don't rule the univese and the jedi live until(and through) the purge i doubt the exile is the LAST jedi
  8. i may not be a computer expert but i always try to help people to the best of my abilities, i two have had problems, it is a give and take sort of relationship.
  9. and remember when playing an rpg it is NEVER about the graphics, the story is all that matters remember when all there was was P&P (i don't because i wasnb;t alive but still) ssomtimes i wish id been born 5 years earlier.
  10. for me ity is an important part of any game, it is the deepest part of character development
  11. actually there really are alot of help forums so what is your problem and maybe someone has a solution.
  12. but there was no end to either story, at least not a happy end during the ls end they shouldve had reven holding hands with his/her match or something as the fireworks go off
  13. ah, but that guy never said that he finished the game doingEVERYTHING, he did the bare bones of the game and as refuse said kashyyk takes awaile to finish all the quests cause you cant warp.
  14. anyhow, what stuck me as odd is that in k1 we have fell fledged romances BUT, towards the end they fizzle out, bastla kisses revan and then walks out on him and carth dosn't even kiss FPC
  15. so it took you 3 for taris and 5 for the other 5 planets?
  16. what revelation was he supposed to have?
  17. pleaSE don't double post, try lowering your resolution
  18. even skipping pazzak you can't do everthing in 3hours, and why would you want to the point of an rpg is to fully immerse yourself in an indepth world of wwell woven storytelling
  19. his story is OK but it ends to soon, although it is funny to see kreia mess with him
  20. nah seriously dude, i finish it pretty quick i read through all the dialogue rather than listen to it, and i know where to go to/who to talk to for all the sidequests and stuff after doing Taris for the first time, it's never taken me over the 3 hour mark to finish it, and from there it's like 1 hour per planet ok 8 is one thing but three is impossible ive never done that even with cheats on, and i found a new non-cheat non mod way to skip taris/ not that id really want to i like taaris, even with all that to do all quests it takes me about 15-20h
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