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  1. hahaha, my lightsaber is nearly always silver its soooo cool
  2. what do the b interations mean? what is the difference between each or is it just for tg bug fixing referance?
  3. there are so many opportunities for lightsabers sometimes i got them even before i got through the lightsaber building quest. theres one on nar shaddaa+ shortlightsaber, one on dantoine, many on korriban, and acouple on dxun/onderan
  4. are there any blood mods ps. all this time i thought it was leona vash
  5. i still want to know i understand they aint about physicle toughness but they still have a purpose.
  6. my GEForce7100 has a real hard time running this game
  7. i got the endgame without going to korriban
  8. my game works better without the patch, but i had this problem to go to yodas help desk at star wars.com
  9. i ignored the lightsabers and whent straight for kreia and she went down so fast
  10. try reloading ur game or loading the auto save
  11. can ur pc run dual layerd discs cause that can be a problem for me
  12. what is the strongest lightside power you have?
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