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  1. Unfortunately I have to agree. Combat is no fun at all. It is either completely unbalanced or buggy - two fighters swinging at each other for half an hour without much progress. And pathfinding is not good at the moment.
  2. no, it's only for pocket pc under windows mobile devices there is an option to use only kotor-1 cards for play
  3. Here goes fan game based on the Pazaak mini-game from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Pre-release version. Features: Design based on the original game Multilanguage: English, Esperanto, Russian KOtoR 1/2 rules Requirements: Pocket PC WM 2003, WM 5, WM 6 QVGA 240x320 .NET CF 2.0 Have fun! Feedback quite appreciated.. PocketPazaak_v.0.9_240x320.zip
  4. But he's a SOLO monk!

  5. you can add me as ur friend if you want

  6. hi, I know how it is to be a noob, just don't take these guys to seriously and you'll do just fine

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