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  1. i really don't understand what your getting so worked up about
  2. force speed into bombs crashs my game
  3. k2 has many problems with dual core pcs
  4. I disagree - games should have full and partial nudity where it fits - and, depending on how the game is designed, that could be a lot of places. For instance, do your really think that a Hutt would really have only semi-nude dancers? actually of all the parts of star wars that one made no sense why do 2 ton hutts find skinny non wrinkly females, with all these apendages attactive, it makes about as much sense as a human finding a 1200 pound slug attractive, and that aside it isn't just dancers all but 2 twilek females are in "dancer" costume and so is luxa, personally i'm not going to be intimidated by a crime boss in a bikini
  5. i think bastila was jealous of having another woman in the party, juhani/mission don't count, carth might though
  6. i don't like the way they treat twileks in these games, there is only like one or two that arn't somhow involved in crime, or evil
  7. visas is my favorite because she has a really interesting story, i wish there was more of her
  8. that and she is your healer at the beginning
  9. i can run k2 on both xp and vista computers with the same level of touble
  10. i have the bug where only miras head is shown, and basically that blocks malachor, but it is funny to look at
  11. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 1.6 GHz Processor 2 GB of RAM It has an Intel Celeron processor though so I think that might be a problem. hahaha your laptop is better than my desktop
  12. both kotor games don't like laptops, and niether does hp5
  13. now if only there was blaster blocking animation, same with saber blocking
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