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  1. You can download Far Cry free from some sites, it's funded by in-game advertising...all legit.
  2. I think Blizzard's battle.net is generally regarded as the best online gaming infrastructure...I'd imagine they've invested a lot of $$$ in getting it that way.
  3. I'd like to finish off my game of NWN2 and then get into MotB, but I just can't face the cycle of buffing my party before every battle. I had a rod of buffing mod but it only worked when it felt like it usually resulting in my gnashing my teeth and clawing at my desk.
  4. I'm playing Batman : AA and it's pretty good fun. It's the closest game to Bioshock since Bioshock...really nice art direction and makes you feel like Batman just like every review is saying. 9/10 so far (I'm about 5% in)
  5. I'll have that extra code if you have no plans for it.
  6. No release in my country (UK) so far but I have it on preorder. If you like HoMM I can almost guarantee you'll love this game. It's basically the same with much better presentation, fun quests on a real-time map and much more interesting character development, there being only one hero available. Sorry for the excess of 'y's in my title. BB
  7. Hello friends, have any of you played the game King's Bounty? It seems to be a fun thing. I will be buying this when it is released. Also, it seems to be quite funny. It reminds me of Warcraft and Heroes of Might and Magic. Good times BB
  8. Not really, actually I haven't played it much at all despite it being awesome. I tried to get an Obs game started but it never happened. :(

  9. I'm playing Thief 3 right now funnily enough.
  10. Baldur's Gate I, for those who are not familiar. It was quite silly, yes, because even if you prepared Imoen beforehand to backstab and shot arrows at him like crazy, with the THAC0 of a level 1 or2 character it was almost impossible to disrupt that mage before the Mirror Image went off. The only way to get him easily was to lure him to the guards then run away. I never had that much trouble with the assassin. I mean it took a few attempts but it wasn't anything that made me curse the game.
  11. Yeah but if you live in Europe you have to wait another couple of bloody months!
  12. NOLF 2 is an excellent game, never played the original but the demo didn't blow me away.
  13. Kewl...weren't you tempted to give the hero a J.B. name as well?
  14. I guess the chances of adding our current CD-Keys to Steam are pretty slim. They've only done this for a few games, like Prey.
  15. Fine well I'll just keep my mouth shut in future then will I?
  16. *looks at J.E.'s avatar* *wonders if Sean Bean will be in the Aliens game*
  17. I just Steam-ed TQ + IT yesterday.......sad news. Hope they find more work.
  18. I guess this calls for 1d6 minutes of silence.
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