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  1. No, the reason Vista "bombed so badly" is because everyone decided it was bad - mainly based on the fact that people with crappy PCs tried to run it.
  2. Hey, I've gotten a few good ones too. But I bet you would have never have bought them if they were not on sale...
  3. You know, one must wonder why the hell you picked this forum of all places to join - I mean, you never post in any other topic, nor do you post in any other place in the forum.
  4. If I reall, the 2nd DLC (or perhaps it is the 1st) is going to change that and make it so you can continue to play after the main quest like fo 1/2. Going to up the max lvl as well. Yeah.... bloody "nice" of them - charging for something that should have been in the original game from the beginning.
  5. Flame. Flame. Flame-it-ty-Flame-Flame.

  6. The Culpa Innata sequel is one thing, and other than Obsidian's two games that might be it.
  7. Why? It has been two years. Are you having the same problem or something? There was a bot-post and that is what "raised" the thread.
  8. I've got an army of Garden Gnomes in mine....
  9. Well, the public demo will be out within a hour or so and thus this can be locked.
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