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  1. DoD was the only mod for NWN that I actually finished, I didn't even do that for the Wyvern mod you have to pay for.
  2. I've been playing Paper Mario which is loads of fun...it's a 2D platformer with RPG elements and Z axis jiggery-pokery. And Mario Strikers is pretty nice too, at least in multiplayer. Can't wait to play this with my nephew. Overall it's a pretty great system, well worth the money imho. I now have a nice collection of outlandish celebrity Miis I downloaded from the Mii contests. Going to play golf with the South Park baby now.
  3. Forgot about Metroid and Zelda, which I'll probably get just because the current homebrew hack works off a Zelda savegame glitch.
  4. So I just secured myself a Wii, and I don't think I've been as excited about a game related purchase in many years. The prospect of playing a truly great Mario game (finally!), Mario Kart, Smash Brothers and whatever else comes out is making me giddy. Add in online play and the recently-exploding homebrew prospects and it adds up to all kinds of awesomesauce. I was forced to spend extra on Mario Strikers and Paper Mario, but I don't mind since Strikers looks like the sort of game I can play with my nephew and Paper looks pretty cool anyway...although after having spent around
  5. Hey Cam, wasn't there some intricate quest to do with elves and dwarves that got cut?
  6. actually its the other way around, now more than ever since Bioware was bought by EA Umm........ok. Today Obsidian has more in common with Black ISle than Bioware, while Bioware managed to get a better profile on their new name, Obsidian is better in a lot of things by now, however this will only manifest in the minds of the people in the coming 5 years let me rephrase myself: "The isle was made of black obsidian" OK, but right now Bioware is a giant and Obsidian are yet to really make their mark, and by that I mean having a really big hit.
  7. actually its the other way around, now more than ever since Bioware was bought by EA Umm........ok.
  8. Honestly there are so many grim-faced RTSs out there I don't understand why people would have a problem with RA3 being unashamedly fun. When RA came out I shirked the summer sun to sit in front of a VDU for days on end and from the beginning it never struck me as a serious affair, it was played straight but you knew that it wasn't taking itself seriously. Quite frankly I'll take as many wacky ideas as RA3 can throw at me so long as it's fun, well balanced and it has russians in it.
  9. Given that this expansion will doubtless be adding uber-epic levels I doubt they're going to give us a low level campaign..........fiddlesticks!
  10. No sorry that was a complete fib.
  11. Doom was the first game that made me feel like a rock star, my tastes have moved on a bit since then but my friends were all nuts about it. I used to obsess about how to get out of a particular room on the hard difficulty when I was sitting at class. And C&C didn't really stay at the apex all that long...it kind of stubbornly refused to evolve in any way, that was the whole appeal to it's fans. It was fun for a while but I hope RA3 moves on a bit from C&C3, doubt it'll happen though.
  12. The first C&C was unquestionably the apex of RTS when it was released. It was the mutts nutts, best game I'd ever played maybe aside from Doom.
  13. Christopher Walken is going to play Yuri!
  14. I suppose with NWN2 coming out on the Mac there's some more $$$ to be made from another expansion.
  15. Screenies! http://planetcnc.gamespy.com/screenshots/?page=1 Looks nice and colourful, and there seems to be plenty of boats which should keep a lot of people happy. And there's a third faction now, the Japanese. Some details from the translated Hungarian magazine:
  16. That's a fine system for RTS appraisal.
  17. Would that be the new premium mod? Maybe they're rebranding it as a full-blown expansion.
  18. OK, clue number one that Red Alert 3 is on the brink of announcement (from the PC Gamer website). Clue number two, a little more obvious, is these magazine scans that have 'Red Alert 3' in large writing on them with pictures of Soviets. http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...howtopic=339520
  19. Yeah, they didn't really want to make a BG game, just a D&D one. Since they weren't allowed to make non-BG D&D games they had to add the prefix to the title.
  20. He's dead, I don't think he cares that much.
  21. UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com 1) is the game I go back to most often. Also, HL and it's various mods and Pinball Fantasies.
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