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  1. I haven't bought an RPG in ages and I tell you I am sorely tempted to buy this one because I have heard that it is fun and very humourous. The problem is it isn't available in online shops and it hasn't been reviewed by any of the major sites. It is, however, available on Steam and I'm a very short distance away from clicking that 'Buy' button.
  2. I just bought this yesterday and I'm regretting it as I don't think I have the time needed to invest in this. You need to play this a lot to get good at it I take it?
  3. Just bought RDR for my Xbox so I will be getting fired into that in the next couple of days, also playing Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam which is pretty compulsive! Need to stop spending money on games from now on as I am skint!
  4. One of my favourites is the castle-em-up Stronghold (the original) although it's probably a little dated by now.
  5. IWD2 didn't feature hardware rendering for some reason.
  6. IWD games should always be played with a druid.
  7. I have an ATI card and there are no options in-game for AA. Sucks a little.
  8. They didn't really set out to revolutionize anything with SC2, did they? I'll still buy it but it's a pity.
  9. I lost my Chrono Trigger DS card...it must be around here somewhere!
  10. I'm playing the ever addictive Kings Bounty: The Legend. To those who have played the sequel, how does Armoured Princess measure up?
  11. I was a W3 addict back in the day, I used to sit and watch replays endlessly when I wasn't playing myself. I'd imagine that the formula will be repeated when SC2 is released.
  12. You can get married and have kids in King's Bounty, each kid gives you different bonuses and additional equipment slots.
  13. PM me your email if you still want it I'll forward the key.
  14. It's all one big thing I think but when I registered the key it had an Eu suffix so I don't know if it works in the US. I can't imagine it would be an issue really. I'm going to bed now so I'll post it sometime tomorrow evening.
  15. Hi, I have a spare European SC2 key so if you would like it the first person who posts here gets it! The beta ends on May the 31st although it will be back a few weeks before they launch. BB
  16. Has anyone signed up for the beta of this browser based town builder? I'm just having a look at it now and think it might be a cool thing to start an Obs group.
  17. That reminds me of 'the **** game' from the old BIS boards. Edit - **** = male appendage
  18. That's kind of a Raiders of the Lost Ark thing isn't it? A good plot device imo.
  19. RPGWatch are reporting that an update has been released that gives rogues some love and makes archer a bit more viable.
  20. I really can't decide if I should get the deluxe edition or not...has anyone played enough of the bonus content to say if it's worthwhile?
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