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  1. 1. I'm not buying New Vegas until the gold version comes out...hope that doesn't exclude me from the other questions! 2. Well it's certainly Mephasm and I knew that before I read everyone's answers...yes sir! 3. Coming soon to a PM near you.
  2. Wasn't there a similar tactical mode in Crysis 1?
  3. NWN2 Platinum and the Witcher are on at 50% off right now (
  4. I already own HoMMs 3 & 5 so I won't be spending anything just wondering which I should get into seeing as one can lose days to this sort of game!
  5. Sorry that got posted 3 times...please vote in this one!
  6. Hi dudes! I need opinions, and I need them fast! Please tell me what your favourite HoMM game is...I didn't list expansions so just assume that they are part of the package.
  7. Romances in computer games make me embarrased, I hope there won't be one in DS3.
  8. Half-Life was the king of mods...I guess maybe the way that every game now supports mods has made the talent a bit more scattershot. I don't think there were so many games back then that could be modded the way you could with HL. Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection...all quality games that spawned their own products in recent years. I don't think I've ever had so much game for so little money.
  9. New interview with Feargus. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/25/obsidian...peoples-worlds/ IWD3 maybe happening? Feargus wants to do Ultima X?!?
  10. Well this is nowhere near as tedious as I remember, thanks to the wand of preparation I downloaded. I see someone has remade the first two chapters of IWD for NWN2...think I'll be downloading that later on!
  11. Alright then I'll perservere! Thanks.
  12. I have a quick question which probably doesn't warrant it's own thread, so I've made this one as a general Q&A thread. Anyway. My question is a NWN2 one. I have an old savegame from the beginning of Act 3 and I'm wondering if it's really worth finishing since I mainly just want to get to the MotB expansion as I've heard such good things about it! Does knowing the plot of the OC make MotB more enjoyable? Lastly I want to play through as a pureclass Monk...is this a fun build? Cheers! BB
  13. Sure, for MP NWN is easily the better game, but the OC was really sucky!
  14. If it was NWN2, I'd be a bit more interested. NWN kinda sucked a bit.
  15. Are you really dissing Eye of the Beholder?
  16. So how do you rate the current build of the game?
  17. OK, I don't think I can stop myself much longer. *loads Steam*
  18. They've added new quests and rebalanced the whole thing as well.
  19. The demo is for the old version of Divinity II, which has been eclipsed by the shiny new version.
  20. Really? That's a bit disappointing. How is the combat?
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