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  1. I have to say I thought this game was doomed the moment I heard about it. Good to see I was so far off the mark.
  2. Mirror Image is back! Is there a list anywhere of the new spells? I don't know the NWN spell list all that well.
  3. Relic should be making craploads of money right now off Company of Heroes and Dark Crusade.
  4. This is very encouraging, Desslock has been the daddy of RPG reviewers since the days of Fallout. This just in - PC Gamer UK gave NWN2 90%
  5. This is the thing that actually bothered me a lot, though I think NWN2 will not be as bad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, at least I wont feel like I'm playing Lands of Lore again when I'm in a forest in NWN2. That's not a criticism of NWN1, there wasn't much other way to do it back then.
  6. I was thinking about the inevitable games that will accompany the films of Phillip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials while reading the first book Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass in the US). The structure of the book really lends itself to an old skool adventure game with the various episodes and predicaments that Lyra gets into. I can picture a classic adventure game scenario in getting the armour back for the polar bear Iorek and a number of other moments in the book put me in mind of this. Whatever happens I really hope it doesn't turn into a generic console actioner. Give us a story driven game at least. (btw if you've never heard of them these books are awesome, a little bit LOTR and a little bit Harry Potter with a lot of reality as well, I've heard that the later books are partly set on Earth.)
  7. Wait....those three games made the list of top 100 of all time? Yea.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Half-Life was 88 or thereabouts, seems like a stunted list if you ask me.
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