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  1. I hope they'll put DLC funds into actual expanisons. Just forget ship combat is there and try to ignore it. It's just a side mechanic, they need to fix and add stuff to the actual core gameplay and story, to make the game great. Ship combat is bad, but spending any funds on it is bad idea. It's side mechanic. Till the cRPG elements and content aren't great they should not spend funds on a stupid mini-game.
  2. It's a good game, spent 90hrs on first playthrough. Issues. Difficulty issue is knowm, and being addressed. Wold map ship movement (takes 1/4 of game time and it's boring, it's like really bad Sid Meyer's Pirates ripoff) Ship combat not enjoyable after few battles. Small side quest and exloration maps, and no real dungeons (Beside Old city, and Pokokahara), This is partially cause you have to lengthly travel to distant Island and then you find out, there is 1 room and 1 fight in a temple. And that is all. Then you have to sail back again. (they really need to add fast travel) Main Quest is short and feels like it lacks something. Compation quests are not that great and are pretty short. (Maia's one suprised me and I think her's is the best one) Companion Romaces are abbysmal, some of the worst writing we've seen by Obsidian. Also their sex humor is just terrible. Some gear types and weapons are really under-represented - rapiers, maces, heavy armors for example. There are good things too: Neketaka and most of it's content is really really good. Factions quest and their design are great. They are the real focus of the game. Combat mechanics & multiclassing opens amazing options. Presetation. Music Nemnok & Worthless Idiot! Imp Power! It's a good game, but I don't think it's better than POE. But might be better than POE was on initial release though. Looking forward for future walthroughs, once difficulty balance patch offcially drops. Also got big hopes for expansions. I do hope they'll be on POE-WM level and not like Tyrrany DLCs.
  3. I know this is custom in RPGs to limit backstab to small weapons, it's more like in real life in POE. If I'll hit you from behind with a Two-hander I'm pretty sure I'll make lot more damage, than by striking you with a knife from behind. I'm fine with that. Backstab did not need nerf though. It could be used for massive dmg with some ablities and passive, but that was it's purpose. And rogues were not overpowered. Obisdian went AWOL on nerfs for no reason, they should stop. They need to buff two-handed weapon speed/recovery & penetration to make em good option.
  4. I think you can thank the youtuber that posted the oneshot backstab build Paladin/assasin two-hander. He speced for max backab dmg with flames of devotion. Guess that made them to the nerf.
  5. Come on multiclassing is best feature of the game period. They really nailed it, so many options and customization of your character now (POE lacked it) World map travel is so so however & Ship combat is bad (both take too much real time, that would be better spend elswhere) But reason Deadfire is not selling is not in game quality, it's a good game. I think it's a niche game. POE1 did sold lot more but many people bought it and hated it. They just bought it of a hype. Deadfire is not underperforming, it's POE that overperformed. As for DOS:2 that game is not bettter than Deadfire, it's last act is terrible and it has no balance what so ever (Again most ppl never got so far so they would not know) Obsidian needs to work on their advertisment and social media presence to sell more.
  6. Yea that is true. But I'm one of those ppl who tend to never use potions, scrolls and other one off stuff in games like these, unless it's a really my last option. (I guess I just hoard all the stuff and never use it, I feel rich then or something, not sure tbh :D ) And we are back to the biggest issue of the game, it's too easy why even use those expensive things ever. So yea for my gameplaye style (no consumables) single class chanter is boring. Just compare it to swashbuckler that thing can use 10 abilites before chanter uses 2 and it's all over the place jumping around. What a fun character to play. Combat can be so mobile now and you wanna sit in a corner and sing?
  7. Yes but single class chanter can basically only autoattack between invocation casts. That's not really much fun, is it? I'm not saying it isn't effective class, it's just not really fun to play. (unless you hate micro) also big issue - how many casts can you get off in a combat encounters, I used chanter (multiclassed) it got off 2 cast in whole fight usually. 3 in long fights. more only in big boss fights (and that only in some) Single class chanter might be fun solo where combat takes long (it was really strong for solo in POE), but in deadfire combat is faster than in POE if played in group, he won't do much compared to other more active classes. I think he's best for multiclassing together with figher. He can buff up any class and add some strong invocations and helful chants. As a single class he's effective but boring to play.
  8. For me chanter as single class has problem with being quite passive in battles (compared to other classes) You have no abilities besides chants (passives) and invocation (which you don't really cast that often) I know there's a subclass can get phrases by critting, which in some cases makes the class more active. But in general you don't do that much beside autoattacking. It's even more glaring now in deadfire, where classes in general spam abilites and jump around. Chanter can't do it on it's own. It doesn't apeal to me to play such class. Using him for multiclassing is different story, you take just few things you want and you can really customize your character using some of his options. Being it charms, buffs, summons, cc.
  9. I don't want them to spend another penny on the world map and ship combat. World map travel takes half of the game time, and ship combat is not good. I just want to be able to skip as much if it as possible and actually play the parts of the game that are good. (you know the cRPG maps and gameplay) I want more cRPG game-play maps and bigger. (Lots of maps are just too small, 1 room 1 figet temples ) Time spend on world map and travel is not well spent time for me, I did not back Sid Meyer's Pirates 2, I backed cPRG.
  10. First - Why is this under this Topic? Second - Just hard no, that is terribe Idea. Almost every game nowdays is mix of some Action type game with rpgs elements. We don't need more of that. Specially not from Obsidian and this franchize. As for mobile games the world map in deadfire is now a mobile game basically, and it is bad. Game needs more and bigger maps to play with your party on, actual cRPG style and less meaningless world map travel. Why? Because the action driven story games of mainstream studios are bland and uncreative. I think much more could be done with the genre, that focuses more on an original take, with genuine rpg elements. It would be top down, like diablo, but instead of meaningless battles, all the action and story would take context in a genuinely compelling story that the character can influence. Unlike diablo, it would be more like a stoy of war and power politics, richer with grit - swearing sex, ultraviolence. Unlike dragon age inquisition it would tell an interesting story, and no be bland and tame-ish. I'm talking the final act is a massive battlefield that you have to fight your way through seigemachines, dragons and giants to achieve various objectives that turn the tide of the battle. Really the inspiration would be more something very adult- like game of thrones, rather than a video game, that typically has a safely targeted teen audience. You know, nudity sex, blood, intrigue, crap tonnes of sweating, severed heads, people dying all over, and magic. The desperate struggle to survive, and win in the midst of crushing chaos and depravity. Not just your dull everyday, "extra blood" type game phenoma - but a whole depth of grit - something that pushed boundaries. It would be hard. With a real sense of do or die - something that punches into a human place, and doesn't just entertain with hero plotlines. Not gore, swearing and sex etc for the sake of it - but rather as narrative punch. People you care about dying. Killing despicable people. Sex as a way to convey hedodism, self-servingness, degniracy. Just because other people do this badly (narrative driven action), is exactly the reason I think obsidian could do it with a whole raft of unique and creative elements that would make such a game entirely fresh. Stories in games could take serious ques from prestige TV and new books. They don't, they are redunctive, and train trackey. Like clones of each other. Obsidian is the company that doesn't want just a commercial product and money. They want to serve their consumers, by creating something with love. I mean it wouldn't have to be how I describe, it would just need to have better rpg elements, challenging tactical elements, and a story that really pushes into new territory. I'm sure they could do it, position they are in, in gaming. I sure would not have backed game you just described.
  11. Honestly if you are not gonna do mutiple playthroughs, why do you even bother to come to this forum? I mean you must be done with the game by now, and if you don't plan to come back, why bother. It will be like 4 years before we'll see another big Obsidian game, maybe more (Deadfire did not sell all that well, they'll need to work out new strategy and approach), so plenty of time for multiple runs if you like the game. Speciall with expansions coming. If you gonna play once, you're not really a person that will benefit from any future updates and changes. Also you will play 1 character ever, so why does it bother you there are things you'll not have access to, you would not use them anyways as you'll pick one of them only and selection even now is huge. BTW that change will not come companion sublasses will remain unique to them to make them stand out more, they'll never be playable subclasses with out modding, so no worries.
  12. First - Why is this under this Topic? Second - Just hard no, that is terribe Idea. Almost every game nowdays is mix of some Action type game with rpgs elements. We don't need more of that. Specially not from Obsidian and this franchize. As for mobile games the world map in deadfire is now a mobile game basically, and it is bad. Game needs more and bigger maps to play with your party on, actual cRPG style and less meaningless world map travel.
  13. I thought Kraken is in the underwater dungeon, and it apears only if you try to dismatle the machines in incorrect order. Not sure. I just know I turned of the side machines before turning of the main one and he did not apear, facility was turnd off and sunk, no one could ever use it again, end of story.
  14. I chose Vitracks for comparison casue they use mind control and paralyze (They were ciphers in POE) if unchecked they could really do a number on your party on higher difficulties. I did not fight the Kraken yet, you have to trigger it by doing the dungeon puzzle incorrectly, so I missed it. (waiting for balance patch to start a new game, there is little challange atm in the game) But as I said Fampyrs are really easy to deal with, none of the content is really challenging atm. Only longer fight I had was Ukaizo mecha dragon, and it was not really hard it was just longer than others.
  15. Game is really easy atm. Paly and some int inspirations should make the fight easy. Fampyrs are the hardest fights in the game, but they are nowhere near what for example Vitracks could do in Original POE if you didn't cc them first, that was insta wipe....
  16. And even those fights are ridiculously easy.... (also I don't think they are bugged) You just need a Paladin in party (seriously if you played first POE, your pally is the anti-mind control guy & and you have him build for it)
  17. World map exploration and ships is the least fleshed out thing in this game. They need to concentrate on better and bigger RPG game-play maps, and keep the world map stuff to minimum. This is a cRPG, making it some kind of strategy hybrid would only hurt the game even further.
  18. Unique armors selection is kinda weak atm. Heavy armors are like 3 or so. (penetration system makes the more or less useless in majority of the fights, but still) New enchanting system is cool but it's most likely the cause why we don't get much unique armors. They should put back some basic enchanting for normal armors and weapons back.
  19. Souldbound poleaxe is on south-east island (there is pernament strom over it, you need to pass it, but you can get it really early) It does slash/shock dmg as weapon types. Shock is strongest elemental dmg in the game for some weird reason. (it was corrode in first POE) But Two-handers are undewhelming, they are far too slow, so combat feels lot less active with them, as they'll use far less abilites than duel-wilders. That is the biggest issue with them. They need to lower recover on them to make them fun to use. It doesn;t make sense anyways Estocs are fast wepons to use. Two-haded swords like Claymores weight only 2.5kg, one handed arming sword is 1.5kg. Using 2 hands Claymore would be actually just as fast in a hands of proficient fencer.
  20. https://steamcommunity.com/games/560130/announcements/detail/1657767648992932225
  21. Arkemyrs castle heist for me. Was fun stealthing it, not raising any alarm.
  22. Waiting for them to balance difficulty too before playing second time. Would be great if some dev would respond when will the balance patch actually come.
  23. I sided with pirates to get to Ukaizo. Pellagina in last dialogue on island was happy I helped Valians (I killed Valian leader 5 mins after that, when he arrrived to Ukaizo to confront me) Pellaginas end-game slide was missing completely at the end of the game, have no Idea what happened to her.
  24. Rapier can be as heavy as medival arming sword (1,5kg) It's actually not a light weapon at all, that would be a smallsword or a spadroon. Rapier can be heavier than viking type sword for example that is around 1.2kg. And they are very in their place in this game, the colonial setting. rapiers apear around 1500AD. Rapier is not light or fragile, it's big onehanded weapon and due it's lenght, stiffness and quality they can be considered superior to many earlier type swords if used correctly That being said, they do suck in this game and are not represented correcly in stats (they have low penetraion and are to fast, and have no cutting dmg)
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