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  1. you don't need any consumables at all when you are playing with full party, even on POTD. So no it's not essential. Might be different when trying solo runs.
  2. No there are not many weapons with elemental base dmg type... Lord Darryn's Voulge has Slash/Shock as base dmg type. Only other non summoned weapon that has that is Eccea's Arcane Blaster with raw dmg. All other weapons may have a percentage of dmg they deal added as some element, but the base dmg type is still one of the 3 base physical dmg types slash/piece/crush (and that is that most dmg is calculated from and comes from) Lord Darryn's Voulge is the most versatile and most useful 2-handed weapon in the game simply cause it does full dmg as shock and for some reason shock is the best dmg type in Dedfire in general. There are not that many mosters with high shock armor in the game, so it will do full dmg most of the times in most fights.
  3. I'm ok with his explanation, but he's also right that delivery could have been bit better. Maybe it's that cut eothas dialogue content that was admitted in different post, who knows. Game is still great. From gameplay perspective it's most enjoayble cRPG you can play (when you ignore ship combat minigame and just board). And unsual ending is easily balanced out by great factions questlines. If DLCs will be good and expand the world bit more, this game can easily be the best cRPG released so far (definitelly the most polished one)
  4. In future games from POE world maybe (if they ever come, Deadfire did not break any sales records sadly) In DLCs it's unlikely for playbale characters, due to the fact that NPCs react to your race, and the would need to add it for each new race to vanilla game as well as to existing DLC (too much work) We'll for sure get some new race/types characters as sideckicks/companions in DLC. "Vatnir" was just announced as a sidekick from "Beast of Winter" DLC. He's a Endings Godlike (Rymrgand connected), and he looks really sweet. Since he's priest we won't have to endure Xoti anymore, yay!
  5. Yea I have the same issue. It's nice armor for mean characters, but re-equiping after every loading screen is really tiresome.
  6. Ship combat mechanic is not that great. They should not use it in POE3 (if it ever happens) And if they want to use it in different game, they need to seriously overhaul it and expand it. Text based combat is just not good enough in 2018.
  7. I Wonder what sub 60 IQ retard is needed to start discussion with an insult!
  8. It's not a bug it's a feature If they trivialize you walktrough just don't get them or use them. It's a sigleplayer game you don't compete with anyone, just RP and have fun.
  9. All of the factions have huge drawbacks and just few good things about them. Deadfire is a ****ty place to live, just like most of real world is. But yea I disslike Huana the most, their caste system is worse than slavery. They also have ridiculous believes and traditions, that prevent any real progress of their society. Dismanteling their "empire" is a mercy kill. Also they enslaved a dragon and put him under their biggest city, how dumb is that? Not that other factions are much better though.
  10. Well to really tank you need to keep mobs on the tank. So you need fighter's Guardian stance. Only fighter has 5 engagements when using shield. (there is no substitue for that stance in the whole game). Guardians stance + overbearing guard means on one engaged by the tank will ever move away. And for high permanent defences Paladin is the best choise. Fighter/Paladin is best in group fights with high defense and max number of engagements.
  11. All your romancable companions want to bang you all the time. No matter what your opinions are. Had to be very active in keeping Xoti away even though I bashed the gods regularly. Romance in this game is both terribly written and implemented, not to mention pointless. It should have not been added. Pellagina only cares about he personall quest and VTC quest line, if you don't screw those two up for her she'll be fine. And as I said Xoti will want to bang you no matter what, I pushed her towars Eder, but bitch friendzoned the poor guy anyways.
  12. I had them both in party for my first walkthrough. I was pretty anti-gods/religion, as any sane person would. Never had any real issues with keeping them in party really. There were some scripted arguments but nothing even close to leaving. So I'd say it's pretty easy to have them both, as I managed on my first blind walkthrough with no issues.
  13. I think adding new skils and subclasses would be enough. LVl20 is more than enough, so we just need more options for each class, not more lvls really.
  14. Fulvano's voyage was changed to map uncharted Islands quest. Quest is given to you in Neketaka by some cartogprapher. Areas are well desigend but they are quite small, in some cases It's 1 building with 1 room and 1 fight. Some are little bit bigger, but in general they feel underwhelming. They one of the weaker points of the game and can'ts stand their ground compared to Endless paths.
  15. Having Priest/Beckoner mercenary as heal&buff bot/summoner and even in POTD 1.1 it works fine. lvl10 atm using wurms for DPS, and 6 wurms do a lot of dmg if they can penetrate armor (not always). Only downside of the +1 phrase cost is that you need chant 1 phrase to summun your minions if the spell is as high as your personal power lvl. And that is not that big deal as I need to buff my party with ring of protection & concetration buff first. Wurms last long enough to recast them right after they are gone. (you don't summon them to tank but to do dmg from range into save spot so they last they their full summon time usually). So they were nerfed but DPS potential of twice as many summons is still big. I still find beckoners ok, atleast in multiclass with specific purpose.
  16. I went with Cipher. He struggled to hit anything with pistols or Blunderbusses on POTD (1.1). Also Pierce dmg only sucks. Pierce is worst dmg type in Deadfire. Btw his starting weapon hits against reflex not deflection. I found it's pretty useless to me, reflex on soft targets you want to hit with guns is high usually. So respected him and gave him WarBow - Frostseeker. it has both slash/piece, mulitple projectiles, freeze dmg AOE, good accuracy, good penetration, good attack speed. Seems it fills up his focus lot faster and more reliably than dualwielding guns.
  17. Factions are actually where the game shines (and Neketaka). Most interesting quets and decisions are made in factions quests. Main story is there just to justify the facions shenanigans. (and is pretty weak) Yes, they are all ****ty. But most have duality in them. All have it's pros and cons, just like most real life political factions. Their nuances make the game interesting. Interesting you chose Huana to be the best. I'd say they are the worst. They are racist, xenopohbes following suprestitions and dark age traditons. Their caste system might be worse than actual slavery.
  18. Actually found out that if I got back to port Maje I can now board my ship there in port normally and sail away. Problem is quest will never finish this way. Also Aloth for some reason thinks we are still In Port Maje and refuses to talk to me, thus I can't continue in his story quest. I guess his quest is dependant on the one that I can't finish. Its kinda funny standing int Neketaka and Aloth keeps saying he won't talk till we gee of Maje.
  19. tried in rar format, still same issue no right to upload. I'll try support.obsidian.net Really bad bug, hope you find out what causes it. I doubt you'll save my walktrough though. Luckliy it's not my first one, I would be really angry if it was. Game is good and new patch made it better, keep it up guys.
  20. Critical bug [v1.1] Unable to get Defiant from the beach into water. Worker NPC that triggers this via dialogue on the Beach, when triggered instead displays dialogue with Eder and Thorne Lady when you first apear on the Beach. Meaning I can't progress at all. Please respond if there is a work-around or if whole walkthrough is lost. And pls let us know how to prevent this from happening. This one is really unacceptable guys. Unable to attach save-game it states I'm not allowed to attach this kind of file..... Fardea (afaaf09c-5bd6-4e8b-8a2c-9728dfbb2637) quicksave.zip
  21. Castrol's shady dealing is just the part that they slave Huana who are part of Huana Kingodom too, and he does not care. VTC is fine with slaves, as long as they come from other parts of the world that have no trade deals with them. They are not the good guys. None of the factions are good in this game.
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