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  1. How many other unique maces are there in the game, that it's not that great? I found only this one actaully so... And it's definitelly the only soulbound one.
  2. VO is great, but if you have to cut content to put it in, then I'm not sure it's worth it in the long run though. Game-breaking not that many, serious ones there is a lot. Faction and companion relationships mechanic not working properly? that's a big issue. Ending not reflecting on your actual choises corretly? Really an immersion breaker. ( I chose pirates and Pellagina in last dialogue was so happy I helped Valians, then Pellagina was missing compeltely in game end screens, Never romanced Xoti still I had screens saying I did and that I broke up with her....) Difficulty not balanced at all? Quests get broken a lot, they let you to start quests from differnt sides which is great, but consequences then really feel akward for other quest givers who have to react you already did the stuff they ask. And some writing specially the romance one and companion relationships is terrible and bugged as hell. Had Xoti saying she will not spend another moment with Pellagina 1 min after I got Pellagina. Also Serafen, Tekahu & Maya wanted to **** me second they joined party. Something is not working there. Game feels pretty unfinished and rushed in it's second half. I do hope they'll fix it and add some meaingfull new stories in expansions casue main quest is both short and pretty weak. Best thing in teh game is pilished combat and multiclasssing that was tested heavily in backer beta. Seems their internal testers did not have time or resources to test the game as whole properly
  3. I would disagree with him, if it wasn't confirmed by Josh himself that they cut Dialogue casue they went for full VO. Specially Stuff with Eothas and main quest.
  4. I don't want to mod deadfire, really. If it was so easy to add as mod, it would be really easy to add as "Berath's blessing".
  5. That is not a good solution at all, there are ship bounties. And there is a main story mechanic where enemy ships (fire giants) guard one place on the map using ships. Removing the mechanic completely would break those interactions.
  6. There is basically a skip to deck fight, but you take dmg to your ship. You can't skip it entirelly you need to somehow resolve the combat.
  7. Let's face it it's not the best mini-game in the world, it's get kinda boring after playing it few times. Berath's blessing that would give ship dmg imunitty during boarding manuever order would really help the issue. We would just go straight to combat on the deck and not take any dmg to the ship. Also more Berath's blessings and curses in the future would be great. Nice curse would be to buff up all enemies in game by 2 or 5 lvls for example. (have both minor version for less points and major one)
  8. I tried so hard to romance her, was hard as I played for the pirates, and she's really like an piece of Ice. First off just before the end the last dialogue was bugged. I used pirates to get to the Island and her dialogue was about me taking her hand and seeing how Valians will prosper thanks to me. Which I don't believe is what happend at the end when Ukaizo went to pirates. Maybe the game was confused I did all quests that I could for Valians, Huana and Principi. But chose Principi in the end cause I wanted to captain a ghost ship. Second in Epilogue - end of her story was completely missing, she got no screen like the rest of the gang. So what happend? did I acutally managed to get to her? did she leave cause I chose pirates? did her feathers fall off? or did she grew a beak? Must be a bug in both cases. Seems game is quite unfinished toward the end.
  9. Yea random loot in game with set number of enemies and no respawn is not a great Idea. Specially for high tier materials.
  10. Yep I have the same issue on my Watcher. Zelous focus is stuck on him, it's from Pellagina. Worst is when I upgraded her with exalted focus, watcher is still stuck with zelous focus.
  11. Save Builder does not give players Blade of Endless paths even if they chose that they did crafted it.
  12. Most of the issues you described are not even actual combat mechanics. Deadfire combat is focused lot more on using abilities and spells, in POE you still autoattacked a lot. Here you can acually have fun microing abilities constantly. Yea it's more power fantasy now, since you can exloit high lvl abilities often, but that is also lot more fun. Also movement abilites are lot better in Deadfire mainly escape is super fun to use just to jump around. For me combat mechanics itself are vastly improved. Resting in POE was cumbersome you did not conserve abilities or health, that is a lie. You just had to travel back to town like an idiiot when you had to use them. That mechanic was not really all that good. Per encounter abilities allow you to go crazy in each encounter. How is that dull, when you can use the system in it's whole potentioal every fight? Not to metion that most people just did no ever take per rest abilites on lvl-up, because they knew the would not use them often. New system is better combat is more active, more mobile, more varried, and bit of power fantasy. Per rest stuff and camping was waste of time and made the combat way to restricted. Yes the game is too easy (Obsidian confirme Veteran and POTD are not balanced yet), but restricting combat will not make the game better, it will make it just more dull. Wasn't that you orginal problem? They need to improve Ai srcipting to use abilities better and to focus targets better.
  13. Nobody went with Nemnok? You are the worst captains, I hope your boats sink!
  14. Yes art style of the maps is great, maybe they are 10 times better (that is not true btw) but then they are 10 times smaller than in first game. most of the side maps are 1 room per map... Maybe if the encoutners were special in them and properly balanced.. But I did all side exloration on Veteran and difficuty is a joke. Only Fampyrs require little bit of careful management as they can dominate you when you strike them in melee (my dominated swashbuckler can 2 shot any of my party members). I love the game, but remove your pink glasses. Constructive critique is not a bad thing. They should focus on fixing critcal bugs, then totally rebalance Veteran and POTD, and finally start working on dungeon crawling combat expansion that would give some fun endgame combat and some big maps for party exploration (let's face it ship & world map exploration is not better than some mobile mini-game)
  15. There is less fight encounters in the game atm then there was in POE1, as there are no real dungeons in the game atm. Most side maps are really small areas with 1-2 fights. Bit shame, we have to hope for good beafy expansions. Uncharted Islands are nowhere near Endless Paths.
  16. Endless Paths were extra content and were much more flashed out. Those 3 areas are cool, Memnok is great. Weal puzzle is fun. Foggy island has 5 maps which is great, but each has 1 room/area, again, why are they so small? It could have easilly been 2 bigger maps.
  17. Yea they usually need reputaion with certain faction not your captain level.
  18. Better fights would help a lot, Veteran now is a joke. Travel is still kinda boring after a while (They should add fast travel into the game to discovered locations). But still 1 room temple is just not enough for me sorry, that is not exploration... (I expected something like Arkemyr's castle for each Island when it comes to size) I admit art is beautiful, and game is still one of the best RPGs I ever played, still it could be better and some areas feel rushed. I do hope expansions will be beafy and will add lot of mainly combat content.
  19. All the maps for this quest are very small. In most cases it's 1-2 rooms with 1 max 2 encounters. It takes longer to travel to the location that to do the fights and the little puzzle there. (I play on veteran, waiting for rebalance of POTD to start that) Its' nowhere near to Endless paths from POE1 I love the game but this part is subpar, gear from it is nice but maps them selves, even though beautiful, are small with hardly any content. Overally I'd say most maps in deadfire are smaller than in POE1 which is shame. Game takes longer only cause travel now actually takes real time. I do hope Obsidian steps up and axpansions will have proper dungeon maps with multiple rooms and levels.
  20. This is intentional it was like that since beta. Even with full attacks only 1st attack gets the backstab+assasinate bonus. Full attack is not both weapons simultaniously, it's technically 2 attacks without recovery between them. So it makes sense technically. I'd like to see full attacks to strike with both wepons same time, would look cooler, and that backstab dmg would be insane. (might be the reason it isn't in the game too strong) For backstab now best would be Two-handed sword with it's +dmg modal ability on and with something like flames of devotion for example, that does huge extra dmg and has extra accuracy from the swing. Actually palladin/assasin with two-hander is really a viable one-shot build atm.
  21. Found my Whispers of the Endless Paths in Deadfire. It has cone attack on every swing! Have Obsidian considered giving cone attack to all two-handers? Two-handers seem really slow but that cone makes up for it. It would make two-handed really weapons viable. It even has drawback built in as the cone is friend or cone, so you need to position right. What an awesome design.
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